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  • The Truth About Mary & Jesus (II)

    When Jesus was on His earthly mission, and He was on one occasion challenged in the Temple about his origin and accused by the Scribes...

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  • Budget session should not just be an occasion

    On Monday the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Kenneth Matambo shall present the 2015/16 National Budget. As expected the minister will pronounce how government...

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  • Unravelling The Mystery Of Boko Haram

    The most entertaining mysteries are the ones with compelling protagonists, enigmatic and often surreptitious antagonists, and surprising or shocking conclusions.  Indeed, without these essential elements,...

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  • Letter to Ngamiland Youth

    Sons and Daughters of Ngamiland in your direction I forward solidarity greetings.  In a bit of your native vernacular; Murumere, Moro Mapenduka.  Unfortunately I have...

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  • Molepolole water crisis persists

    For a long time, spanning more than 20 years, Molepolole has experienced water problems. I know Kanye and possibly most other villages, let alone the...

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    In a three parts series, Dr Kwesi Darkoh intends to go toe to toe with BENSON C SAILI in an attempt to give another side...

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  • Pursue profit and CSR equally

    It is common cause that individuals and corporate bodies enter into business to earn financial returns that will not only help to perpetuate the chosen...

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  • Shame on you Charlie Hebdo!

    Solly Rakgomo Despite all the reporting and commentary on the terrorist attacks on the Paris offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, political pundits and mainstream...

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  • Government agenda impoverishes Boteti

    ALFRED MASOKOLA POINT BLANK Government approach to development of districts in the country has only one outcome – creating unjustifiable wealth disparities. Our development approach leaves many...

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  • Social Inclusion-the Youth salvation

    By far there is no real disagreement surrounding the fact that current national and international development frameworks have wretchedly failed young people the world over....

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Do you think the closure of BCL will compel SPEDU to double their efforts in creating job opportunities in the Selibe Phikwe?