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1000 graduate from New Era College

Publishing Date : 22 April, 2015


Students graduated from various programs of study

One of the leading technological institutions in the country, New Era College held its first graduation ceremony on Thursday April 16 2015, at the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC).

Termed the new kid on the block, the institution held their first graduation ceremony with more than one thousand students graduating from various programs ranging from Business to Telecommunications Systems at the ceremony themed: Developing Human Resources for the Transformation of Botswana.

Since its inception New Era College has distinguished itself as a pre-eminent institution for technological studies. The College is unique because it is one of the few tertiary education institutions that have chosen some of the most demanding and therefore very expensive programmes of study such as Engineering and Business.

As an institution of high learning, they took on the challenge of developing quality human resources to transform Botswana into a knowledge economy similar to Singapore or the Unite States of America.

While officiating at the event, the President of BOCCIM, Lekwalo Leta Mosienyane said that it was regrettable that Botswana’s global competitiveness ranking on Human Resources Development is not as it should be. He said this has weighed down the country’s development, forcing for skills to be sought from outside the country.  

“We continue to experience a mismatch between the demand and supply of technical skills in the labour market. Some blame this on the fact that the supply of skills is not driven by demand from industry but on what institutions produce. BOCCIM will, together with other relevant stakeholders provide direction on industry needs,” he said.  

He advised that the industry should come to the fore and present its requirements as well as implements the research, while academia should research the necessary innovations and that “Government as part of this trilogy,  must facilitate the research with funding, policy formulation, regulation and monitoring”.

He called on New Era as a technical college accredited by the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) should develop skills to promote formation of small and medium enterprises as part of a wider strategy to industrialise Botswana.

Mosienyane further advised the graduates to be custodians of their economy. He added that the expectation was that they help grow the economy by applying foresight and make the country significant Global player.

“As we approach another milestone of 2016, of becoming an educated and informed nation, your role as the youth of the country, becomes increasingly important. Today you leave this place with scarce skills. Put them to good use,” he advised.



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