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Masire-Mwamba on personal branding

Publishing Date : 13 April, 2015

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The first Personal Branding Masterclass offered by the Masire-Mwamba Office and led by Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba will be held on 21st and 22nd April at GICC. Mrs. Masire-Mwamba played a pivitol role in the formulation of Botswana’s national brand - Brand Botswana.

Until recently, she was the Deputy Secretary-General of the Commonwealth and is Botswana’s nominee for The Commonwealth Secretary-General which will be elected at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Malta in November 2015.

The keynote address at this Branding summit shall be provided by Thebe Ikalafeng, a South African based internationally renowned Branding leader. He will be focusing on enhancing brand and reputation for corporates and individuals, the masterclass will provide senior executives and managers who have Leadership responsibilities with an in-depth review of key issues that will support their success.

Understanding what makes a brand successful, communicating with a diverse range of stakeholders and maximising the effectiveness of social media to promote and sustain their brand are all key elements of the successful brand leader’s personal tool-kit. These and other areas, such as communicating in a crisis, will be covered in a number of interactive sessions with speakers, including Kabelo Binns, Robert Hanna and Brian Goulden.

The speakers will draw on their experience of profiling and developing brands and the impact that has on personal and corporate reputations. Corporate Botswana will also share their branding experience and how branding impacts on their personal and business objectives.

This is the first in a series of professional development Master classes targeting senior executives led by Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba with national and international speakers. This first one builds a bridge between the national Brand and how at a personal level we can also particiapte in the Brand Botswana initiative. The Masterclass will be held at GICC, places are limited but still available.



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