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A ballet night to remember at Maitisong

Publishing Date : 30 March, 2015


Ballet has a role to play in achieving greater cultural diversity and understanding

Ballet lovers were treated to an evening of splendour this past Monday evening when Maitisong Theatre in collaboration with Diacore presented the International Ballet Gala, headlined by Joburg ballet.

Classical ballet pieces from Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Diana and Acteon, Flames of Paris and The Dying Swan were the highlight of the evening, at the event mostly attended by the white community.

The hall was nonetheless filled to capacity, with exhilarating contemporary ballet performances on display. The use of flash photography and dimmed lights quite did the trick as the audience seemingly was impressed with the perfection of the performances.

A form of dance that opens up the doors for any style to influence a work made utilizing ballet technique. Contemporary ballet takes on a wide variety of aesthetics, incorporating pedestrian, modern, jazz, or ethnic forms, so long as the roots of classical ballet are apparent.

Another highlight of the show was when Kopano performed Gauteng from the Malaika 90’s hit. The song has a deep Jazz tempo and was performed well by one of the few black ladies in the group. Joburg Ballet is a major South African cultural institution presenting ballet in Johannesburg, across South Africa and internationally as well as operating extensive educational, development and outreach programmes.

Within the broader context of South Africa’s social fabric, ballet has a role to play in achieving greater cultural diversity and understanding. Joburg Ballet dancers reflect the demographics of South Africa. Their vision is to make dance an accessible form of artistic expression, embracing the widest cross section of society enhancing standards, training, development, job creation, opportunities, continuity, sustainability, tourism, international goodwill and transformation.



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