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Learning to jaunt stilettoes at 40!

Publishing Date : 18 February, 2020


When it comes to rocking heels, it is every woman’s dream to be flawless on them. Although some still find it a tussle to be perfect on them, some women are able to rock them without fail. Even so, there is no doubt that stilettoes are the modern glam hence they should be worn with content and utmost splendour.

Well, when you are 40 years of age it could be a little complex to walk in them, not forgetting to mention how hard it could be to start learning.Stylist Amo Ngazimbi who is a run-way stiletto coach, dished out to WeekendLife on some of the detriments of taking stiletto lessons at 40.  Amo has been training women since 1998 on how to walk in high heels through modelling and beauty pageants. She has also been with Miss Millennium Beauty pageant for the past two years as the stiletto runway coach. This is where she had to give out lessons to 40 and above year old women who are finalists for the Miss Millennium 2020.

“Miss Millennium is a beauty pageant that empowers women of all shapes and sizes and that is why l wanted to bring in my expertise as a stiletto runway coach,” “It is interesting when you teach people 40 years and above, because a lot have some experience and it ends up making my job a lot easier but some it’s baby steps because they are scared to be elevated on a heel they think will make them fall. But l can confidently say it is a lot sexier when a woman in her 40s and above wear heels and knows how to walk in them. It takes a while for those that are scared but seeing others do better than them they end up pushing themselves too,” she said.

While others may start to learn walking in stilettoes at a later stage, she said the best time to start walking in high heels is when you are younger as your body can stretch as far as you can take it. She also shared that people who can't walk in high heels are those with heavy body mass weight as heels need balance and to achieve this, she highlighted that the body should be proportioned for the heel to take on the weight.

“Heels are a necessity to each woman because first of all they give us the confidence we need. They also give one a good physique. If you find heels to be difficult start with a small wedge just for elevation at least a 3/4 inch heel. Stilettos have that power in them that simply demands respect. Wearing heels regularly could result in one enjoying sexual activity far more without the need to exercise the pelvis. The pelvis muscle is actually linked to sexual activity,” she said.

She is also of the notion that women in flat shoes tend to be overlooked or they are ignored completely and this can knock down self-confidence. “Wearing high heels will change the game completely and allow you to feel empowered which can be beneficial for physical and mental health,” she said. “It is important to understand that flat shoes also provide health benefits and may even be more comfortable after a long period, but they simply do not provide women with some of these unique fascinating advantages.”