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Khoisan bound to convey a live show

Publishing Date : 17 February, 2020


After winning the hearts of Batswana last year, local traditional sensation, Khoisan under Roc Lefatshe recording label remain unstoppable.

This year they will once again unveil the second edition of ‘Khoisan Goes Live,’ a remarkable show that is performed live, alongside the duo there will be other renowned entertainers.  The annual most sought after occasion is slated for August 29th, at Maruapula Maitisong Theatre.

Khoisan is one of the few local groups that has been robust with their craft both vocally and their appealing approach. Within a short space of time, the duo has managed to prove themselves within the hard-hitting industry. Even though they are signed under a powerhouse recording label, they are excellently cautions of their brand and working hard to take their name very far.“Khoisan Goes Live was first held last year in November and it was sold out and a very successful event and we are very humbled by the support we got from that event because people wanted to see the second edition and there were lots of request for the second edition.

A lot of people wanted the second edition so we decided to give them that,” said the Manager of Khoisan, Suffocate.We cannot over-rule the amount of thrill that Khoisan brought to Batswana, making them to be one of the most loved artists in the country because of their unique approach to the industry. The duo was one of the most booked artists for 2019.“One thing that humbles us as the Khoisan management and Khoisan too, it is the amount of love and support we are getting from Batswana. They have consistently given us a picture of what Khoisan could become in the next few years. We are thankful and we are hoping to give Batswana a full album this year,” he said.

When giving a snippet of what the album entails Suffocate had this to say; “They have done a few features on the album and they have artists like Bekezela and kwaito nominated artist, Deep Strada. We shall reveal more people as time goes, and we are very excited. We know people are going to love this album as they have been waiting for it,”The group however, will be releasing an album on 17th February, after their 2019 hit single ‘Marabele’. 

“That is not the only good news, they are also set to release their brand new single called ‘Sethubege’ which means ‘don’t break’, this will released under the same record label; Roc Lefatshe. The song is basically about love. It gives a picture of the value of love. It is a song that people should look out for,” he said.Khoisan is a duo group that was originally put together by multi-award winning Producer, Suffocate. He had the group signed to award winning record label after becoming the winners of the auditions that the label held in 2018.Their music is a fusion of soul, Borankana, Phathisi, Tsutsube, and other Botswana traditional dance songs, Afro Jazz and also Afro pop.

The group looks to fuse their diverse and beautiful voices to produce what can only be described as a melodic and harmonious melody. The five members exude a modern sound with undertones that play to their traditional influences, which can be used to describe their style, there are also hints of slightly cheeky urban confidence which makes them stand out in the music industry.