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Magosi linked to Morupisi’s downfall

Publishing Date : 17 February, 2020


Director General of the Directorate on Intelligence and Security, Brigadier Peter Magosi is accused of being the chief architect of events that led to the downfall of the suspended Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP), Carter Morupisi.

As things stand Morupisi is scheduled to officially exit the public service at the end of this month, WeekendPost has established.Morupisi was suspended from office in September 2019, after he was accused and charged with three charges of corruption - abuse of office, receiving bribery and money laundering, in relation to the alleged misappropriation of about P500 million from the Botswana Public Officers Pensioner Fund and Capital Management Botswana (CMB).

Investigations carried out by this publication indicate that Magosi played a major role in the Morupisi’s destiny. The suspended PSP has been kicking his heels at home ever since September last year. Magosi is accused of having planted evidence against Morupisi through one DIS agent (names withheld). The agent was allegedly used to implicate Morupisi in the case of BPOPF’s missing P500 million.

However, Morupisi who was BPOPF’s chair until 2018 had been mentioned several times in the matter before being charged. Morupisi was alleged to have benefited from some of the transactions in the P500 million in question. WeekendPost has it on good authority that on one rare occasion early January, one young man (names withheld) approached Morupisi on claims that he had information about him concerning the DIS and Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC).

The young man, according to an impeccable source, then alleged that he had been sent by Magosi and would like to show Morupisi a certain file that had formidable evidence on how DIS was plotting against him. He further alleged that the DIS together with the DCEC were going to plot a break in at his office to plant certain documents. These documents were to help manufacture enough evidence to help them in the cases against the PSP.

Moreover, it is alleged that there has been several attempts to buy off Morupisi’s closest acquaintances by the DIS to get information on Morupisi but such moves were unsuccessful. This publication has valuable evidence from a leaked conversation between Morupisi and one of his acquaintances, who had also been approached by the DIS to share ‘evidence’ against him.

Upon getting informed by the young man, Morupisi then reported the matter to the DIS, and he was informed that Magosi’s deputy, Tefo Kgotlhane will be the one handling the matter. The young man was arrested and called in for questioning in the presence of the complainant. It was then discovered prior to his arrest that the young man was known to Magosi. It was further revealed that the young man disposed some of the messages that showed that he had been in communication with the Director General.  

When reached for comment Morupisi confirmed that he had laid a complainant against the young man to the DIS of which Kgotlhane said he handed him to his supervisor, Magosi. “Deputy Kgotlhane said he had handed the matter to Magosi, stating that he will therefore ask of its progress when Magosi returns from his African Union trip with the President. I am still awaiting their feedback on the matter,” he said.  

Morupisi confirmed that somebody had come to him with claims that he had information that will help him, even though he could not divulge more details as he mentioned that the DIS has not given him feedback yet on the matter. However, it is purported that Magosi at first had denied knowing the young man or his whereabouts. Only after he (Magosi) ‘remembered’ the young lad, he then instructed that the young man be released from the DIS holding cells.

Sources within the DIS have also confirmed the arrest of the young man. DIS spokesperson, Edward Robert confirmed that the case has reached DIS office. “The PSP has indeed reported a matter to us of which I cannot reveal at this moment because investigations are still ongoing,” Robert said.The Director General has been making headlines of recent on several flawed cases he has handed over to the DCEC.

The President is alleged to have confronted him on the issues, asking him to tone down as such instances have potential of tarnishing the institution’s credibility. Magosi has on several occasions been accused of a lot of mismanagement in his office together with the respectable position he holds. Magosi has been DIS Director General since May 2018, taking over from founding Director General, Colonel Isaac Kgosi.