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Men’s Conference boycotts Valentine’s Day!

Publishing Date : 14 February, 2020


Today is Valentine’s Day, and as usual social media is stormed by men who are anticipating their annual imaginary Men’s Conference.


Amid the hype of the event, local artist Lizibo has urged women to pamper their men too with gifts as they too long for such gestures from women.


He said the social media men’s conference which is billed for the 13th to 15th February, is a sign of how much pressure men are subjected to during occasions such as these ones.


“That conference is there because most men don’t feel as loved and pampered, thus the pressure they feel when this day comes. I think women need to turn tables. Either that or most are just not romantic and fear this day because you are forced to be romantic,” he said.


Even so, he further shared with WeekendLife that being romantic does not have to be expensive, highlighting that couples have to explore different things and be exposed to men’s ideas.


When asked to give advice to couples for Valentine’s he said, “My lady keeps me in the loop as to how I’m doing as her man/husband because gone are the days were one is expected to know just by seeing or feeling,” he said.


On days such as Valentines, women love to be pampered, and one of the things that intrigued me on social media said, ‘Valentine’s day is not women’s day,‘ which subtly suggests that women have made this day about them.


“As much as society has us believe we should the pampering, we love it also. It shows how loved we are as well,” he said.


Candle lights are always ideal during valentines, which the songbird suggests for couples and he says he prefers home cooked meals since he is old school. Cooking together and washing dishes together is what is ideal to him.


Often women are interpreted as complex, and that is how women view men too. The singer who is known for his love hit songs said women should talk to them so that they can know what is on their minds.Men’s Conference boycotts Valentine’s Day!




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