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“Soul fill-up with Franco” festival celebrates his legacy

Publishing Date : 11 February, 2020


With consistency seemingly his life’s theme, local Kwasa Kwasa king Frank ‘’ Franco’’ Lesokwane’s versatility in the music industry brought him success since his successful debut album “Ke Lela Le Lona” in 2001.

‘’Soul fill-up with Franco” festival is expected to ignite the spark to his relevance and to call his legions of fans and Batswana from all corners of the country in what is dubbed to be the most “memorable show in his entire career’’.

The National stadium, in Gaborone is set to be ablaze on the 4th of April, when he scheduled perform.Known for his resistance to failure, the Gabane native legend produced 17 albums since his debut album in 2001, making him the most prolific artist of his generation.Franco, who has a knack of storytelling in his songs, reckons the obstacles he has faced in the industry including attempts by distracters to poison him.

“Ke paletse dilo tse dintsi mo mererong ya mmino. Ba kile bare ba nteka ka di – poison, owaii ke fa e betsa ko ntle, jaanong a nka palelwa ke go tlatsa National Stadium. Lebala le tla bo le thibile thii,” he said in a recent press conference at Masa Square Hotel Conference room.   Music fanatics will have an opportunity to hear some of the new songs from the upcoming 18th album.

Hunger in his music prowess was inspired under the stewardship  of music legends like  renowned  jazz saxophonist Lister Boleseng ,Taolo Moshaga  and the late duo of  Malombo Mmereki and Tsilo Baitsile to name a few amongst the class of popular 80‘s Botswana Defence Force Band which dominated airplay. Recording artists in Botswana  were very few as most people listened to artists from other countries and the  first recording artist he met in his music sojourn was a Tanzanian emigrant

Nathaniel ‘Nata Capricorn’ Mwamboma, the two recorded two successful albums ‘Bula Matlho’ and ‘Dumelang’.After a peak blossomed success with Nata Capricorn, Lepako leapfrogged to the veteran ‘Godfather of the genre’ Alfredo Mos, where they recorded a chart topping album, “Ipabalelo Tseleng” in 2000, before going solo.
Franco has announced last week that he is working on having the duo of Nata Capricon and Alfred Mos as part of the “Soul-fill up Franco” festival.

Franco was farmed and nurtured at BDF, serving in the BDF Band which gave him a platform to learn music in the quest to become the successful artist he is today.‘BDF afforded me an opportunity when I was a soldier. BDF Band played an important role in my musical emergence, on most occasions I would shoot straight to rehearsals after work. Most people don’t know that I learned how to play musical instruments like piano, keyboard and guitar’, Franco told WeekendPost in 2017.

He said then that his consistency is derived from pure natural talent, passion, determination, patience and hard-work.It remains to be seen if Franco’s dream of filling up the stadium will come to pass, but given his pedigree, the sky is the limit for ‘Tlapa la Gabane’.

The line - up for supporting acts has not been confirmed as the festival is still in its infancy stage owing to logistics.




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