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Son of the Soil 2020 cheers women!

Publishing Date : 11 February, 2020


Son of the Soil event has attracted crowds over the years for its colourful fun that celebrates the African heritage.

The most anticipated event is sure to be an event not to miss, and this year it will be staged under the theme, ’kwa re go yang-Re Belegwe’ from February 28-29, at Staywell Gardens in Rasesa Area. The sub theme ‘Re belegwe’ is meant to celebrate the role of women in nurturing everyone, especially in nurturing culture.

“We wanted to bring the contribution of women in growing culture to the fore. We also wanted to show that women will continue to be the focal point in any national or global efforts aimed at growing cultural unity and also celebrating cultural diversity. This is especially true in a multicultural society like Botswana,” said Kabelo Semele, the Public Relations Officer of the event.

This year’s event will host a workshop prior to the main occasion. The workshop is aimed at furthering the agenda of the main event. Dubbed ‘Kitsong Workshop’, the occasion will also be used to investigate ways in which Batswana women and Batswana in general used to nurture cultural identity, and continue to, grow their contribution in the nurturing of Botswana culture; both at national level and tribal level.

“The two events also aim to package and present this nurturing of the tribal culture and the national culture in a manner that the young ones can easily identify with. In doing so, an attempt will be made to demonstrate the evolution from the historical to the futuristic cultural identity of Batswana,” he said.He further highlighted that they always make it a point to ensure that they move it around venues in Gaborone, so as to spread the promotional value of the event. Given sensitivities around the environment in general, the organisers of Son of the Soil commit to making sure there is very little impact by the event on the environment around the venue where the event is hosted.

“We want to assure our sponsors that we have held this event at venues that are environmentally sensitive such as Mokolodi Nature Reserve and Notwane river area; and to date we have never had neither the authorities nor our hosting partners give any negative feedback on the impact of the event on the environment,” he said.
“The plan is to start off the event with a cultural workshop on Friday 21st February 2020 during the day.

The Kitsong Workshop will be targeted at other organisers of similar events from across the country to come and learn from cultural thought leaders and traditional leaders on how culture can best be preserved. As Bana ba Mmala we are very proud of the leadership role that Son of the Soil cultural event has been building in the cultural preservation space, and we want to continue to grow this area nationally. The Kitsong Workshop should be taken as another building block on top of the research that we have been conducting annually on cultural themes and publishing in a booklet format.”

On the eve of the main event, he said they are planning to invite patrons to a relaxed session of mainane, maboko, song and dance.“The Friday evening session, which is known as Metswaisong Evening Chillas, will be held at the same venue as the main event. The event is targeted at those that wish to get up close and personal with Setswana culture. Activities for the Metswaisong Evening Chillas are targeted at making one feel a reconnection with their culture or leave one feeling a new found admiration for Setswana culture and its many nuances,’’ he said.

MMP Family, Charma Gal, Dr Vom, Blackrose, Amachesa, Dj Lefatshe and Dj N.S.I will be amongst the entertainers during the main event. Tickets are selling at P250 for adults, P200 students with valid ID and P100 for Kids under 12years.




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