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BTC’s hangman’s halter for BFA

Publishing Date : 11 February, 2020


Botswana Premier League title sponsors, Botswana Telecommunication Cooperation (BTC) have issued a latest of their strict demands to Botswana Football Association (BFA) as far as adherence to the contract is concerned.

BTC, who are almost at the sunset of their relationship with Botswana Premier League, have made it clear failure to stick to the contract will attract punitive measures; including possible termination of contract before the projected time.

BTC has recently terminated a formidable three year contract with the Botswana Football Association (BFA) and re-negotiated new terms that are expected to expire in May of this year.But as the plight of the local game further drowns in uncharted waters; the title sponsors are still concerned by the laisser-faire attitude of football administrators and the unending political manoeuvrings that seem to hinder progress.

BTC has told the Football Association that it will only release sponsorship funds if certain conditions are met. The sponsors have told the league that only P5 million is available for the rest of the season.They made it clear that they expect the BFA to fully satisfy the terms of the new contract and in so doing the premier league money will be available.  Among the conditions, the two parties agreed that at least 40 games should be televised, and after every 10 broadcast games, the league stands a good position to receive 1 million pula from the sponsor.

WeekendSport gathers that the sponsor disbursed the first 1 million Pula last year November. BTC released the money with the full knowledge that at least 10 premier league games were aired. It is said that the second 1 million Pula could have been deposited at the end of January because 10 games had been televised. In essence, BTC has to this date released only P1 million.

The sponsor has further cautioned the league to ensure that companies deemed competition to BTC do not appear at BTC premier league events because that will be seen as breach of contract. The sponsors, under the new terms, are at liberty to deduct P330 000 for every instance the BFA is deemed to have breached the contract.
When terminating the initial contract, BTC was deeply concerned by the constant negative publicity surrounding the BFA and its structures. There have been concerned regarding the mother-body’s ‘poor’ management of football.

It was said the recent developments have damaged the reputation of the BTC brand as the main sponsor of the premiership.BTC at the time raised three issues they felt the premier league had to seriously attend to. Information gleaned from various sources stated that BTC was grossly offended by the issue of e-ticketing. It was said that there was an agreement to the effect that BTC will get 5 Pula for each ticket sold by premier league clubs. Furthermore, BTC had wanted to monitor the rate and pace at which tickets were bought before kick-off.The second matter raised by the sponsors was of television rights.

BTC was much annoyed that BFA dangerously trampled upon the terms and conditions of the contract.BTC clearly stated that they agreed with BFA that a total of 60 games were to be televised in a season but this has not been happening.

BFA in the past years cried foul that Btv lacks the capacity to satisfy their partners’ demands and often times, they found themselves negotiating with their hands tied behind their backs as there is only one television station in the country.




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