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More than P1.1 million budget for Soul fill up with Franco

Publishing Date : 10 February, 2020


When the news emanated that Franco is eyeing to fill up the national stadium, some lashed out and down casted him. Little did they know that he is one of the most loved artists in Botswana.  Social media was set ablaze, and upstretched anticipation for the Soul Fill up with Franco.

The much anticipated event has already sold more than 4000 tickets in just two weeks. Organisers however need a budget of more than P1.1 million to fill up the stadium. Public Relations and Media assistant, Kabelo K-Lo Oanthata shared with WeekendLife that there has been a good rate at which tickets have been selling, but there is still a long way to go to filling up the stadium.

“Any show at the stadium for a capacity crowd comes over P1.1 million. Production alone is P400 000, hiring stadium is close to P200 000 and security bill is also very high. A lot more needs to be done to push ticket sales, more-so because we don’t have main sponsors on board as yet,” he said.Oanthata further highlighted that a show of this magnitude needs planning and a lot of logistics. “So far so good, we are eyeing for a sold out show and we are still waiting to secure a main sponsor. We will be doing activations, and mini road shows to hype up the show,” he said.

Even though the show will be a 100% local, the line-up is not yet confirmed and will be confirmed as the due date of the event approaches. He has urged organisations and companies to come on board as sponsors for the show. Nonetheless, they are anticipating to make a memorable show.



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