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Lucara discovers 549 carat white diamond

Publishing Date : 07 February, 2020


Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) listed gem producer Lucara Diamond Corporation has few hours ago announced the recovery of an “unbroken” 549 carat white diamond from its flagship mine Karowe, located in the Boteti region.

In a statement released earlier, since inception of their Mega Diamond Recovery (MDR) was commissioned in 2017, the 549 carat white diamond is the second diamond recovered from its direct milling ore sourced from the EM/PK(S) unit of the South Lobe. The first white diamond to be unearthed from the same ore block was the 176 carat stone which was also found in the Karowe mine.

In 2015 Lucara announced the discovery of Lesedi La Rona, the world's second largest gem-quality diamond which was sold for over US$53 million (BWP 500 million). Lucara said the EMPKS will continue to produce large gem quality diamonds in line with expectations and, according to the company, form an important economic driver for the potential underground mine at Karowe.

In a statement, Lucara CEO Eira Thomas said the Canadian company started the year 2020, by discovering a large quality diamonds against the backdrop of completion of strong 2019 4th quarter sale. Last year April, Lucara discovered 1,758 carat Sewelô and last month the giant stone entered in a partnership with renowned world luxury company Louis Vuitton. In the Sewelo deal, a Belgian diamond manufacturing company; HB Company will team up with Louis Vuitton to manufacture the historic 1,758 carat.

“The unbroken 549 carat diamond is the fourth largest diamond recovered at Karowe and the first large gem to be recovered through the MDR. We look forward to continued success at Karowe and an exciting 2020,” said Thomas. The Canadian company have previously announced that it will undertake a decision on the sale of the 176 and 549 carat diamonds in due course.

Moreover, Lucara CEO recently indicated that in 2019, Korowe’s mining prospects will be largely focused on the high value South Lobe, including contributions from the newly refined EMPKS unit which is now understood to be the source of both the historic 1109 carat Lesedi la Rona and the 813 carat Constellation.



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