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Thick Model revamps modern sexy

Publishing Date : 20 January, 2020


For the longest time, ‘skinny’ has been used to define sexy. Plus-size model Precious Mokotedi is defying the odds by shuttering stereotypes on being thick.

The fashion model has been strutting runways locally and internationally adding more piece of gold to her profile with something that has been shunned for years. More often than not a thick girl is curvy in all the right places which is what Mokotedi serves naturally without hesitation. Even though skinny is viewed as acceptable, what defines an African woman better is that extra meat and the curves we swing every day.

This is what tells the rest of the world that we are African. Prototypically, it is our pride and heritage. Now that people have adopted the western culture, losing weight has been imposed on a lot of people. Shedding weight for health reason is fine, but society and media cannot choose what is beautiful and acceptable.   
After being told to lose weight, Mokotedi shared with WeekendLife that, that was the moment she knew she had to turn tables around to shun empty talks on women who are curvaceous.
“I was constantly being told that I would look beautiful if i lost weight. I decided to step into the limelight, just as i was, without changing a thing about myself, and reshape beauty standards. I decided to live up to my own expectations and standards,” she said. Confidence makes plus-size models to stand out. She attested that it takes a lot to stand in the spotlight, "flawed" and all, and not back down. “I admire all models whose careers are built on reshaping beauty, especially plus-size models,” she said.

She came into the industry through a pageantry as a contestant in Miss Plus-Size Universe Botswana. Thereafter she walked in a number of fashion shows including Fashion without Borders and Busisiwe Bantshi Fashion Show. She also did fashion shoots representing brands such as Rock Culture and Top Model Botswana. Adding more to her profile, she also featured in music videos with the likes of Girly O Dibodi and Tlamelo Malebe. “My most recent job is an ongoing project in progress, which I've been leading internationally, yet to be revealed. With the limited opportunities for plus size models in Botswana, I believe I've built quite a profile,” she said.

When starting off her career, she admits hitting her rock bottom and brining many walls just to be where she is today. “I hit so many brick walls in my quest to grow. The sabotage, the judgement, the rejection, the criticism, blow after blow, it took a lot for me to overcome opposing forces. Somehow at the end, it fueled my motivation to keep on pushing.  My parents were have always been supportive, i can definitely say they gave me immense support throughout my journey. I could write a pretty thick book about everything they have done and all that I am still doing for my career,” she said.

Being a plus size fashion model is not a walk in the park as people often prefer the petite ones. Hence she played her game right to climb her ladder of success.
“I have grown thick skin to the criticism. Modeling is an art, the beauty of art is the diversity in unique creativity. I represent my own kind of beauty, that doesn't mean everyone will like it, but i do, that is what matters most to me. I appreciate my own kind of beauty,” she said. One of the people she look up to in her career is Canadian fashion model with a rare skin condition called vitiligo, Winnie Harlow. “I absolutely adore Winnie Harlow. She is not a plus size model, but she represents her own unique image, another shape of beauty. Absolutely inspiring,” she highlighted.

Today she lives to educate fellow women on self-acceptance and not to succumb to what society view as beauty. One of the highlights of her career is motivating other young girls who live under the pressure of people's standards. “I get a lot of messages from girls everyday who look up to me, that's the highlight of my career. I strive to see a world where girls are comfortable in their own skin, that’s the world I want to live in,” she hinted. Her lesson learnt throughout her career is to always utilize constructive criticism to her benefit.

“One can always learn a lot from other people, no matter how sure you are in what you know. There is always a room for improvement and growth. Never get too big for your own shoes,” she urged. The gorgeous University of Botswana thick model is eyeing bigger things especially in reshaping the narrative amongst people about being thick.

“There is so much i want to achieve, part of which is to introduce more opportunities for plus size models especially in Botswana. We are the underdogs, i want to be the person to change that,” she said.




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