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BDP Youth Wing Elections approaches

Publishing Date : 20 January, 2020


The Youth Wing elections that were postponed last year, are billed to take place this year as pressure intensifies amongst candidates for the Chairmanship position.

So far two names have been brought forward being; Karabo Gomotsegang and Councillor Collen Mochotlhi, who will succeed current National Youth Executive Committee Chairman, Tati West Member of Parliament Simon Moabi Mavange, who is expected to step down. Gomotsegang is expected to battle it out against Councillor Mochotlhi, Secretary for the South Region and a full member of NYEC. According to sources, Gomotsegang who is a die-hard full member of the BDP is said to have President Masisi’s back and has since confirmed that indeed he endorsed him.

 When responding to the allegations on this Gomotsegang said, “that would be my hope, but he hasn’t expressed that with me. Having been highly involved in the recruitment of the new members of the  BDP, being an active member of the party and having had the opportunity to  head the mandate of the party during the by-elections and the just ended general elections it would be a great honour to have the party’s back,’’ he clarified.

Unswerving sources to this publication have revealed that Mochotlhi, despite being highly involved in the party has conferred himself in to one faction that is rallying behind Shaw Kgathi, who has expressed interest in contesting for the Secretary General seat against incumbent Mpho Balopi. Mochotlhi is alleged to be endorsing Kgathi, a move which does not sit well with the President. Furthermore, it is alleged that the President has little or no hope in Mochotlhi, after once denying the party victory during by-elections when he was contesting against Elijah Fashion Katse, in Tlokweng Constituency.  

Mixed signals amongst the youth members for the party are also allegedly making rounds as some young people are not fully in support of Mochotlhi contesting, they are of the view that because he already holds such positions he should give other interested candidates a chance. The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) communications is alleged to be rallying behind Gomotsegang led by the Head of Communications, Kagelelo Banks Kentse and one Selwana Kesebonye.

When asked about this, Kentse denied the allegations stating that, “it will be unheard of and unfortunate to endorse either of the candidates that is not true. The decision on who will be triumphant lies solely on the young people of the party.” The young lad, Gomotsegang, explains that he believes that the past NYEC headed by Mavange did not do much in relation to addressing issues faced by young people. In an interview with this publication, Gomotsegang alleged that core issues like economic diversification, youth unemployment, helping the disabled have been totally forgotten by the current NYEC.

He further explained that BDP needs popular vote in terms of young people, “issues of drug abuse, unemployment, passion killings, and theft have become a cause for concern. Young people hide behind such hideous behaviour because they are broken and hopeless.  I believe my party can revive the momentum of young people, it is vital because young people constitute a larger population.”

Gomotsegang is worried that there is not enough recreational activities hence a lot of idle minds that end up resorting to drug, crime and alcohol abuse, emphasizing that talents need to be unearthed from a young age, “young people need to explore their full potential, they need to be given priority, especially when it comes to youth development schemes. There should be equity when awarding funds for the youth.” Hopeful of victory, Gomotsegang vows to work extra hard in making sure that new initiatives that will embolden the spirit of self-reliance amongst the youth are moulded.



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