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Duty dating is what you need to start doing ASAP!

Publishing Date : 13 January, 2020


If you’re feeling trapped in singledom, you need to try duty dating. That means going on dates with any guy that asks, no matter whom he is and whether or not you think you are actually into him. Say yes anyway and get out there- you will be glad you did when the right one finally comes along.

Seriously, say yes to everyone. It doesn’t matter what he looks like, how old he is, or what he does for a living. If he asks you out, you have to say yes. Don’t get it twisted, though- this isn’t about settling or even about finding the perfect guy. It’s really about boosting your confidence and figuring out what you truly want. You need to fill u your calendar with as many dates as possible. In order to get the most out of duty dating, you should be actively trying to fill up your social calendar with as many dates as you can handle. Go every night if you can! Dating will now be your main source of social entertainment.

You don’t have to take it seriously- in fact, you probably should not. Duty dating is a way for a woman who has been single for a long time to ‘’get back out there,’’ sure, but it’s hard to do that when you have spent so long on your own. The best way to counteract the awkwardness you’re feeling about getting back out into the dating field is to see duty dating as practice. You are not expecting it to go anywhere; if anything, you are hoping it won’t go anywhere. What you will find is that the more practice dates you go, the less nervous you will be about dating in general.

Use dating apps to your advantage. These apps have made duty dating extremely easy. Just say yes to the first few guys who ask you out or to meet up for drinks or dinner and you are set for the week. You will have to deal with flaky dudes here and there, of course, but assuming you are getting twenty plus messages a week, there will always be another guy who is happy to take you out, again and again. Awesome, right?You should date at least three people at a go. Not only should you schedule as many dates as possible, but you should be dating at least three guys at the same time.

You will find yourself feeling and acting more confident and won’t get so upset when one of the dates doesn’t work out because in the back of your mind, you know you will get another chance with someone else tomorrow.Even if the date goes horribly wrong and you really don not want to see the guy again, give him two more chances. Everyone is human and a lot of people get first date jitters. A really awesome part of his personality could be hiding nervousness, so give him a chance to let his true personality shine through. Remember you are playing the numbers game.

Dating has turned into a numbers game and if you are not playing it, you are not serious about getting into a relationship. When you duty date, you are going on so many dates as you can possibly handle. You are putting your judgemental side to bed and giving every guy who approaches or messages you an equal chance. Who knows what your millions of dates will eventually lead to? Chances are, one of them is going to stick!Accept that it is going to be boring at times. It will feel exciting at first, but after a while, it’s going to feel more like an actual duty (pun actually not intended) than something fun to do.

It will almost feel like work, but just know that the deeper you get into it, the better you will get at dating. It’ll have a profound effect on your future love life. A huge reason you should be duty dating right now is because it gives you a sense of fulfilment in your life, especially your love life. Even if the dates are going nowhere, at least you are getting out there and giving it a shot. That way, when a really awesome guy asks you out, you can actually feel like you have got a bunch of other dates in the works and not put all of your attention on him.

Duty dating is good for people who have avoidant personalities. Maybe you will rather spend your evenings alone, doing whatever you want than waste a night with a guy that you know isn’t right for you. That is fair enough, but duty dating forces you to blast past those feelings of doubt and judgement and follow through with the date. It’s just one date- you don’t have to marry the guy, just give him an hour or two of your time. You never know what might come of it. So, girl, the time is now!




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