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Guma partners Asian tycoons in unknown deal

Publishing Date : 09 December, 2019


The self-exiled former Member of Parliament (MP) for Tati East constituency, Samson Moyo Guma is reported to have convinced and partnered with Chinese and Indian moneyed businessmen in an undisclosed but money spinning deal, Weekendpost has been told.

An impeccable source close to the controversial former legislator indicates that the politician cum businessman has managed to strike a deal, few months after touching down in South Africa where he fled to. The information however is still sketchy as to which business Guma and his cabal are in, but one thing for sure is, it is a very lucrative industry. This, it is also said he will not be returning back to Botswana anytime soon.

The businesses are said to be a multi-national operating in South Africa, Lesotho, Kingdom of Eswatini and Mauritius. His business partners are reported to have convinced him to have another branch in Botswana, a request Guma threw to the dustbin without any hesitation, says an informant. This is attributed to his collapsed relationship with BDP which has also expelled him.

Guma fled the country in March this year, after claiming to have received a tip off about a plan to assassinate him. Moyo, back then told this publication that he was tipped by security agents to find safe haven and also revealed that he has informed the speaker of the National assembly about this development. 

It later came out that Guma could have fled his Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS) flames as the taxman wanted to repossess some of his assets, as it is said he was a tax dodger. On top of that the Directorate of Intelligence services (DIS) is also said to be looking for him to account for P30 million he got from different banks through his company Unified Refineries Botswana Holdings (URB).

Prior to his exile Guma was on a Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) faction that was antagonizing party President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s side. Guma was also vying for the Secretary General for the party. Political observers were of the view that state apparatus, BURS and DIS were employed to fight a political battle that would take him out of the game.

With the business blossoming outside the borders, the former BDP Chairman is reported to have his balance ready and could settle his debts anytime. “In short he has been negotiating with donors around the world to assist him to clear off his debts that the state could use to deter him or even arrest him. And he has long managed to get the money and he could have come earlier before the elections.

However his business interest that side grew to a point where he noticed that it would not be ideal to come and contest elections given a short period of campaigning.  As is, he can pay the debts he is facing but he is still awaiting a new order,” says a source which refused to share the details of the business let alone the name of the company Guma is in with the foreigners.

When contacted to share how far they are with Guma, BURS Communications Head, Mabel Bolele was of a very little help. “Unfortunately it is not in our code of conduct to share with third party our case, unless the involved person opens up about it to you. Contact him please.”
Guma Moyo’s mobile number has not been going through on the other hand. Weekendpost understands that it will take something extraordinary for the free-minded politician to come back. This is following his one-time party, BDP’s victory from the October elections. “He believes the party leadership is targeting him and once he touches down they will come with all they have to arrest him,” adds a source.

Guma was expelled from BDP for tarnishing Vice President Slumber Tsogwane’s name. He accused VP for conspiring with opposition figures to win Guma’s constituency. Secondly he was facing transgression of being the ring leader of dissenting members of the party who attended the infamous Serowe meeting in February, which was not called by an ‘established organ of the party therefore in illegitimate as per Article 43.5 of the party constitution’.



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