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Men find high heels sexier

Publishing Date : 26 November, 2019


Every woman’s dream is to perfectly stride on heels without any struggle, because heels are the 21st century glam, it is essential that every woman must have a pair in her closet. We cannot dispute the fact that they give a lady that classy look and most women who always jaunt on them are considered to be stunning. Whilst some women are not flattered by the idea of wearing heels, most men are said to find women in heels more attractive.

A new study in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviours, proved that men really do find women in high heels significantly sexier. The study further revealed that men are more likely to persue women in heels over those in flat shoes. They are also likely to offer public assistance to women in heels than those in pumps. So ladies, whether you like it or not whether you want to be approached or left blissfully alone there is a shoe height to it. The results showed that high heels were associated with greater sexiness and overall physical attractiveness to other men, and willingness for a date.

According to the study, heels do not only make you look taller which in itself is considered attractive, they also make your calves look slimmer, because they engage those muscles. Scientists concluded that women looked more feminine in heels, as they made them take shorter strides and swing their hips more. They lift the wearer's butt 20-30%, make their legs look longer and change a woman's stride to a style judged more attractive by men.

In dialogues I engaged in with men about women in heels, they confirmed and established with WeekendLife that they go crazy over a woman who has her heels on. Some further added that women are more attractive in heels with well-polished nails. While others feel it is not a big deal to them, but most men find women in heels more striking and appealing. “Women think heels are sexy because men think they’re sexy, but you see women wear these pained expressions and shuffle. I’ve seen guys giggle at them it’s not sexy. Bottom line is, you need to be fit to walk in heels with stability” the study further reveals.

However, stiletto owners should practice walking in their shoes before hitting the city streets and also sky-high heels that appear in fashion magazines and on runways should not be considered as they can be hazard. “Most women do not want to hear this, but anything above 3 inches is really, really dangerous,” this according to the Achieves of Sexual Behaviours study.

Even though stilettoes may not always be a requirement, most corporates have adopted the culture of imposing heels on women. They are mostly used to give the company an elegant face. Most companies that have adopted the culture often appear professional and hence order must be inherited when you approach their organisation.

In the celebrity world, almost every famous woman rocks her heels for serious occasions or events as compared to more relaxed moments in malls and when spending time with their family. So ultimately heels present women better and give them an image that commands attention and it also often leaves a statement but only if these heels are worn with class, comfort and perfection. Founder of Beauty Hub Academy, One Segobye also shared with WeekendLife that heels are a must have for all women as they boost self-confidence and bring out the sexiness in a woman. “They are basically an accessory to top everything up,” she said.



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