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UEFA uplifts BFA

Publishing Date : 26 November, 2019


A delegation from Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has left a reverberating message inside the boardrooms of the Botswana Football Association (BFA) this following their successful post mortem of the state of Botswana football.

UEFA crew came to Botswana at the invite of the association to address some of the nibbling issues of football that borders around marketing, club administration and sponsorship. The delegation also came at the instance of BFA boss Maclean Letshwiti, who intends to administer the association alongside its strategy that covers development of football from grass roots and club administration among others.

It is said that the association was guided to first reduce the number of clubs participating in the premier league. Currently, there are 16 teams taking part in the elite league, but the UEFA crew feels that at least four teams have to fall. According to sources, the UEFA delegation is of the view that sources are not adequately distributed within a stream of teams that are more than 12. It is said that the UEFA squad holds a strong belief that Botswana population is too small to carry an elite league of 16 clubs.

This advice is however is not new to the ears of the Association. A year ago, Footballer’s Union of Botswana (FUB) advised the Association to seriously look into this issue. It appears that the UEFA delegation is awakening the idea after it has been given the mandate to study the content of local football. Those behind this thought believe that competition among the league teams will be heightened together with the fact that better finances will be spread across the teams.  As things stand, in a premier league format of 16 teams, clubs receive monthly grants of P50 000.  This figure can be improved if lesser teams make up the elite league.  

But when approached for further clarity, BFA first Vice President Marshlow Motlogelwa shied from giving an interview to this publication. He rather referred us to BFA CEO Mfolo Mfolo whose phone rang unanswered as of going to print. In fact, the call to reduce the number of teams comes to the fore for the umpteenth time now. A few months ago, BFA held showdown talks with one German football scientist Christoph Rocholl, about the need to restructure and reduce the number of premier league clubs.

The UEFA Committee also left an impression about the positions of the CEO’s at the football offices. As things stand, there are two posts held by two different CEOs, one at the BFA, the other is at the premier league and is unoccupied after Thabo Ntshinogang was redeployed at the close of the season last year.  The other BFA post is held by Mfolo Mfolo who is seconded by government to assist their secretariat.

 According to this delegation, the premier league can be administered through the BFA administration.  It is not however clear if the association will eventually succumb to the pressure that normally comes with these recommendations. The need to phase out the CEO post now seems to dampen the league’s audacity to stand as an independent entity. It is claimed that the league, from time immemorial, aspires to run itself without help from the association.



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