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‘Avoid floral outfits for parliament’

Publishing Date : 19 November, 2019


When it comes to parliamentary ceremonial occasions it is always advisable to keep it modest and elegant. The fashion however, by our members of parliament has been nothing short of amazing, although there are still traces of horrifying wardrobe choices, it is always crucial to fling in an outfit befitting the occasion.  

Zooming into the just ended parliamentary swearing in of MPs, we can’t deny the fact that elegance and style has been one of the things that people always highlight on. Proving that fashion is core and that people are always looking forward to seeing who slayed and who dismayed the occasion. Former MP, Dorcas Makgato has been dragged into the spotlight for being draped in a garment that some thought was seemingly not for the parliamentary occasion. Even so, there was transition to her outfits even though she was still stuck on her choice for florals.

Former Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Bogolo Kenewendo affectionately known as ‘honorable Bae’, always knew how to play her cards. Her wardrobe choice has always been effortless, chic and classic. She was a typical example of proverbial slaying.  The current MP conversely, Peggy Serame, carried class with her at the swearing in, where she wore a Kael Couture flair outfit, which did nothing to flatter her curves. The ashy nude dress was classy enough and worth the ceremony.

As the State of the Nation Address (SONA) nears, WeekendLife took time to have a chat with stylist and fashion designer of Thabied, Thabiso Dibeela, to give a fashion tip as they will be gracing the occasion. Ultimately, there is a need to establish that SONA is not a matric dance neither is it a cultural event but a national occurrence that needs to be given the highly esteemed dignity it deserves. Hence a chat with the stylist Dibeela who shared her sentiments on how best our MPs can rock the red carpet with glamour.

“The future of fashion is taking shape in our country and the legislatives are young and expectations are high in terms of fashion. I keep saying we are not yet there, there is a need for a lot of guidance in regard to styling and putting together outfits. This references to both dresses and their accessories,” she said. Before deciding on what to wear, it’s important to get the memo right, and when choosing an outfit always establish how best will it go with your body shape.

“There is a lot that comes with creativity regarding clothes, body shape (silhouettes) and one’s complexion. A cohesion of colours is imperative if it is more than one on an outfit and the trends as well. I am also expecting all the corporate elegance, remember this is not a wedding hence the need of sophistication. There are certain fabrics that do not do well on certain body shapes that must be taken into account especially with the ladies.

Laces need to be chosen carefully, not all are suitable and flowers must be avoided it's not a tea party,” she advised.  Most ladies prefer heels that allows comfort and ability to run around without need to carry a pump or a flat shoe with them. “Comfortable shoes are a must, ladies block heels are in fashion and available in many colours, invest in them for both appeal and endurance when walking and standing,” she enlightened.

With slim suits trending lately, they often bring out that uniqueness, and baggy suits are always a deal breaker, gentlemen are commended for their choice of clothing and they can always enhance their look. “To the men, much cannot be said except that the cut and fit matters, according to age however skin tone need be considered at all times. Well fitted suit are a must, belt and shoe must be the same, ties and shirt must have a cohesive. There should be no stripes on ties and shirts at the same time. Usually plain shirts make a better look than striped ones on a formal suit.  I must give it to most men, they have been on their game, and they can only keep going higher.”



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