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Masisi worried by Magosi’s litigations

Publishing Date : 18 November, 2019


President Mokgweetsi Masisi is said to be on a mission to revamp and restore the integrity of the Directorate of Intelligence Security (DIS) office and has talked to its Director General Peter Magosi, to tone down and avoid unnecessary lawsuits that could make matters worse for the already disgraced institution.

Magosi has already been slapped with three charges as well as a complaint to Ombudsman from Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC). The latest case for the spy Chief is due soon, a case where the Sebina brothers are suing him for unlawful search at their offices. Former President Lt Gen Ian Khama has also sued Magosi and his office for defamation of character, a matter in which they linked him to the stolen P5.6 billion.

WeekendPost has gathered that Masisi and Magosi in their routine meetings, discussed the matter relating to preserving DIS credibility. Masisi is said to be very concerned by the manner in which Magosi does his business, as it has the potential to further tarnish the image of the institution. “Not like he was hard at him, but it was just an advise for Magosi to tone down and not be trigger happy as it could put the institution in a bad light,” revealed a source.

The meeting is said to have been staged prior to elections where Masisi expressed his concerns. WeekendPost understands that Magosi accepted the advice and it is expected that there will be minimum litigations. UDC has also reported the Director General of the Directorate, Peter Magosi, to the Ombudsman for acts of mal-administration and abuse of office.

“It is our greatest concern that the Director General has overstepped his security functions and crossed into political landscape.

His overzealous body guard behaviour, seemingly to impress his political appointer, has left many Batswana puzzled by the state of affairs. The important question is; can an unethical and unprofessional public servant be expected to deliver on his mandate? In the case of Mr Magosi, we say he can’t,” writes the UDC President Duma Gideon Boko.


The Sebina brothers, Tshepo and Kegone Sebina have swiftly moved an application to counter sue the State Brigadier Peter Magosi, over an ex parte search warrant that was issued against them earlier this year. Earlier this year, Magosi successfully applied for ex parte search warrant on the brothers before the Village Magistrate Court.

The two brothers were accused of being involved in corrupt dealings with former DIS spy Chief, Colonel Isaac Kgosi. It was alleged that the brothers had been corruptly awarded tenders in about 52 companies in which 48 of these pointed to have the three brothers as Directors/shareholders. Whilst the properties of Kegone and Tshepo were raided and the properties were also allegedly linked to Kgosi.  The investigators allegedly made way with documents.


Former President Khama and his brother Tshekedi Khama, along with Ms. Tahlia Naledi Khama (Tshekedi’s daughter) are also suing the Director General, for defamation of character. This came after Magosi revealed that an amount of P5.6 billion was stolen from the Bank of Botswana when Dr. Khama was President; and Tshekedi Khama’s daughter, Ms. Tahlia Naledi Khama, maintains a certain “offshore” bank account in her names.

According to the Attorneys representing Tshekedi Khama and Former President Khama, the article at Magosi’s participation implies that they secretly deposited the alleged stolen funds (P5.6 billion) into the alleged “offshore” bank account maintained under Ms. Tahlia Naledi Khama’s names.


High profile investigative officers at the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) have also written a letter in which they complained about the interference of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) on the operations of the DCEC. The letter, which has been seen by this publication, details the frustrations of investigating officers and make allegations against the Director Generals.

The officers complain that they have lost their independence to the DIS Director General and in some instances the Financial Intelligence Agency (FIA) Director General. They complain that their Director General, Brigadier Joseph Mathambo, gets operational direction, especially regarding high profile investigations from the two DGs at FIA and DIS. In the letter, they complain that in terms of the DCEC Act and international best practices, investigations must remain confidential and not communicated to any unauthorized persons.

They allege that in their case, the DIS Chief, Magosi dictates to their DG Mathambo, on who to investigate and who not to investigate. Because of this, some reports are not authorized for investigations and if authorized, the investigations are being frustrated and investigating officers victimised. They state in the letter that when he first addressed them after his appointment, Mathambo told them that he was appointed by DIS DG Peter Magosi and President Mokgweetsi Masisi and he has to serve their interests.  

The officers say that they are inundated with reports against the DIS DG but because of his close relationship with their DG, they are scared of forwarding the reports for classification to investigate. The officers complain that they were investigating their DG and his wife, who was working at Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC), on accounts of corruption and also for insurance fraud, but they don't know what happened to his files after the departure of Bruno Paledi.

They also complain that they have been investigating the DIS DG Magosi but they don't know what happened to his files after the appointment of Joseph Mathambo. Magosi’s investigations involved his time at the Botswana Defence Force (BDF). At the time when the DCEC was investigating this case, the DCEC DG was an Inspector General at the BDF doing audits, it is alleged that he was already close to the DIS DG at the time.



Do you think the courts will help put the UDC, BMD impasse within reasonable time ahead of the 2019 General Election?