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The Queen’s wardrobe on fleek!

Publishing Date : 12 November, 2019


It takes so much to define a Queen beyond fashion, but ultimately a Queen does not yield to fashion whims. Her style should be constant and intrinsic to her identity. Her look should appear effortless, it should be subtle and be able to send out all the required message that of unwavering, tact, classy and diplomacy, when the occasion allows, she should be draped in opulent elegance.

Our style crush this week goes to the reigning Queen Miss Botswana, Oweditse Phirinyane, who has been dishing us lots and lots of fashion moments allowing her to move closer to being a fashion icon. Whilst her body is utterly cooperating with all her elegant style, the Queen has been tremendously majestic lately. From the crown of her head to the sole of her patent shoes, she has not put a foot wrong when it comes to her wardrobe, which is inspiring.

Whilst we can give scream on her fashion signature, credit should be given where it’s due. Local designers have been a force to be reckoned with especially when it comes to pulling off the best home-made designs. Phirinyane is often seen with eye catching designs from her crown to her opulent furs as well as her short sleeved outfits clinched at her waist. Marking a new unveiling fashion wave that has hit streets, towns, malls and the entire evolving fashion world.

Phirinyane takes pride and notice the hardwork of local designers and while that may be the case the petite Queen has made it her mission to be used as a canvas to showcase exactly how amazingly talented locat fashion designers are. Many came dashed quickly to bow to the Queens word, and have been sponsoring her since. The Queen was spotted at South African Fashion Week were she was draped in Thabied flowy piece.

Her series of days at the Fashion show was a total vision, she was spotted in flare rose gold pants, a design by Funky Resy. She did not hold back again the next, adorning a yellow fur crop top combined with red pants by Thabied. The past weekend she had graced Masa Fashion show ramp with her fierce walks where she showcased local designs. The event was held under the theme, ‘Spotlight on Botswana’. The Queen came all girded and was seen strutting and showing some of Botswana’s top fashion designs.

Perhaps the incorporation of designers to dress Miss Botswana, brought an elegant twist to her wardrobe. It’s hard to say if the elegance is because of the designers or the Queen who can pull off just about anything, whatever the case the end results are impeccable. We do not only get to see the Queen dishing fire but we have seen all sorts of glamour that the fashion industry possesses. They have upheld the global standard. In an interview with WeekendLife, the owner of a fashion house dubbed Thabied by Thabiso Dibeela, took us on a fashion trip on what it takes to dress a Queen.

“She just possesses the graciousness in her that speaks sophistication. That is what speaks volumes of who we are, having built a professional rapport with her, makes it easier to clothe her as she lets you be the designer. You must have noticed that even her casual wear has an element of elegance. She is simple yet classy,” she said. While many people are intrigued by gorgeous outfits, Dibeela believes that outfits should be complimentary to who you are.

“I believe that garments must compliment you not overshadow you and your personality as a beauty, you have to balance, so that as people are looking  and admiring the dress they are not lost and immersed in the outfit more than in you. Her silhouette as well carries designs very well,” she said. Currently Dibeela is knitting together her dress, which she will use for her grand finale in London. The dress sternly gives emphasize to who she is and where she comes from.

“The dress is lively as her soul, from the current range that I have been running; Okavango glam, it speaks and defines her as a Motswana and what we are well known for, our rich tourism sector. It is green for life and gold for wealth. My wish is for her to live and be prosperous,” he said.



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