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Khamas sue Magosi, DIS over P5.6bn probe

Publishing Date : 21 October, 2019


Former President of the Republic of Botswana Lieutenant General Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama and his brother Tshekedi Khama, and Ms Tahlia Naledi Khama (Tshekedi’s daughter) are suing the Director General of the Directorate on Intelligence and Security (DIS), brigadier Peter Fana Magosi for defamation of character.

This comes after Magosi told a midweek publication that an amount of P5.6 billion was stolen from the Bank of Botswana when Dr. Khama was President; and Tshekedi Khama`s daughter, Ms Tahlia Naledi Khama, maintains a certain “offshore” bank account in her names. According to the Attorneys representing the Tshekedi Khama and Former President Dr. Khama, the article at Magosi’s participation implies that they secretly deposited the alleged stolen funds (P5.6 billion) into the alleged “offshore” bank account maintained under Ms Tahlia Naledi Khama`s names.

“Out of the alleged stolen funds (P5.6 billion), P3 billion has been traced to an offshore account in the names of Ms Tahlia Naledi Khama, and this was expressly confirmed to the Newspaper by the Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS), Peter Fana Magosi.” According to Ramalepa Attorneys, their clients see the utterances by Magosi as “malicious political propaganda, calculated and intended to assassinate the characters of those of our Clients who are perceived to have influenced national political discourse, particularly on the eve of the 2019 national elections. However, it is very unfortunate that such propaganda is delivered through the participation of the DIS and its Director General, relating to a matter of tremendous public interest (missing funds at Bank of Botswana), and the accusations are levelled against a Former President of Botswana, a former cabinet Minister and their family.”

“Our Clients therefore view the article as more than sensationalism of political content, and seek to rebut the pertinent allegations in order to give Batswana the benefit of the truth. First, our Clients categorically deny any participation, on their part, in any conduct which may have resulted in an amount of P5.6 billion or any portion thereof missing from Bank of Botswana. The lawyers indicate in their summons that Ms Tahlia Naledi Khama does not maintain any “offshore” bank account in her names, or in the names of any entity that may reasonably be linked to her, in Asia, in Europe or anywhere else.  

“The alleged amount of P3 billion cannot be traced to any bank account to which she has access or control.  It is therefore a blatant untruth that an amount of P3 billion, “looted” from Bank of Botswana has been traced to Ms Tahlia Naledi Khama`s offshore account(s).  Director General of the DIS, Peter Fana Magosi is challenged to prove the existence of the alleged offshore account(s).”