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2014 elections cost P280 million

Publishing Date : 09 March, 2015


The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has spent approximately 280 million pula in the electoral activities from 2010 when the election cycle commenced until the recent 2014 National Elections.

According to a report on the 2014 General Elections directed to the Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration Eric Molale, the budget was spent on activities which led to the 2014 General Elections including public awareness, demarcation, and establishment of polling stations, voter registration and polling.

On the development expenditure as at 18 November 2014, the report illustrates that 71 million pula was spent on National Voter Registration which included general, first and second supplementary Voter Registrations. A whooping 40 million was later used up to deliver the actual October 2014 General Elections.

In addition, an astounding 166 million pula was consumed on recurrent expenditure during the previous 11th electoral cycle which included council, conference and exhibition training, general expenses and supplies, special expenditure, departmental services, travelling and transport (internal and external) as well as personal emoluments. However, personal remuneration tops the recurrent budget at 80 million while training stands at the bottom of the budget at 2, 8 million.

The IEC reports directly to the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration. There have been looming questions over the independence of the Commission precisely because it’s deemed as a government department although it has continuously allayed fears that they are controlled by any outside body.

Through the ministry, IEC proposes their budget every financial year and the minister makes the final say before it goes to parliament for further debating and approval.



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