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Courageous Men eyes to re-engineer the boy child

Publishing Date : 07 October, 2019


Courageous Men, an organisation that exists to mould and build the boy child to rise beyond their capability, have taken on a course to bridge the gap that exist within society. This is because they are of the belief that the boy child has been sidelined for years, hence their existence to enhance the boy child to co-exist well with the girl child.

They also seek to build the next generation of highly sought after and dignified responsible men. In their pursuit to do so, Courageous Man has returned with their annual men’s conference, which eyes to build and mould a man well desired to lead a home, society and eventually a man fit to lead a nation. The event will be staged on 5th October at the University of Botswana.

In an interview with WeekendLife, the Patron of Courageous Men explained that they envision to raise men who can head homes, to groom them to know their purpose and how best they can tap in it, as well as finding out what God intended for a man to become. “Often times when men are together, it is mostly about alcohol, women and when we gather together as courageous men, mostly they tend to appreciate that at least there is something that is positive,” he said.

After their successful event that gathered hundreds of men last year, he said, they were tilling the ground and laying a foundation to emerge a structure of a man they desire to see within their male counterparts. “We needed to understand last year, that a man is a leader. We were taught five levels of leadership and also on challenges that men are faced with. Last year was more of uncovering the ground. This year we just want to pull up the structure,” he said.

Renowned speakers will be amongst the panelist which is inclusive of Senior Pastor of Bible Life Ministries, who is also a businessman and an international speaker, Precious Gondwe who is a founding partner of Precious and Partners, Pan African Game Changers, she also wears many other hats. Arthur Evans, a radio personality and public figure, will also be amongst the speakers. Many more interesting speakers will be facilitating as well.

“All these speakers will be addressing issues that are pressing to men. The pastor will address the aspect of family. The female guest speaker will address aspects of what women think about men,” he said. Courageous men believe that now is the time to bring the change they desire in men hence they themed the event, ‘re-engineering a man.’  “It is high time we changed the narrative of how men are being viewed in the society. We have lost dignity, people no longer know who a man is.”

Through this initiative they have managed to reach out to students in schools, were they have also planted boy’s clubs. Some of the schools they have reached out to are; Marulamantsi CJSS, Kagiso Senior School and Motsweding. They are yet to invade more schools.



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