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How to launch a career from My Star

Publishing Date : 23 September, 2019


Passion, talent and hard work. This combination led to Odirile Bantusitse emerging a winner of My Star 2017. Through his individual work and collaboration with ATI, a 22-year-old Bantusitse is making strides in the music world. He has been making music at a tender age, all thanks to his family that is music-oriented; he taught himself how to play a piano!

First things first, My Star is a local television show that prides itself in endowing young folks and its concentration is glued to the task at hand, singing. The show has been on the trot for the longest time now, and succeeded in making efficacious artistes such as Amantle Brown, audacious and contentious Motswafere as well as Kennedy Thal.

In an exclusive interview with WeekendLife reporter Tlhabo Kgosiemang, Bantusitse said ‘’I love music so much it hurts, and this was incited by the fact that I grew up in a church oriented family where my father is a pastor. He taught me how to play drums, and it felt good, it felt like something that I could do for a lifetime. And in the entire development, I imparted myself how to play a piano. Adding to that, I then expanded into learning more about instruments, so to this date, I can play around all kind of gadgets that are used in putting together music’’
Two year later following his victory at My Star, Bantusitse is making headline again, and it’s hard to ignore just how significant he has become.

Despite his woes with My Star followers that he was the most horrifying vocalist at the time, he dropped his first ever single Lemenemene featuring ATI, and I swear, he came for each and every head in the music industry, that is if they were never ready. He brought a confidence to the game that was unmatched, and musically, he has added a bit of taste to what people feel its foul vocals. Bantusitse is a star in the making, and that isn’t an argument. Don’t get it twisted, he is incredibly extraordinary. But, he is also a chilled guy. That’s exactly why he will work out.

‘’The music we sing nowadays is sustained by matters of the heart. Blooming love, failed love, unrequited love-there is actually a song for every shade of romantic feeling. Naturally, there are also songs that explore the many facets of cheating. Lemenemene talks about experiencing intense betrayal in many of the same emotions. I caught someone I loved dearly with a close friend of mine, and by looks of things, they had an affiliation behind me. This didn’t sit well with me, there was no any other way I could have expressed the indignant emotion than in a song. I trusted the guy as much as we came a long way together, so Lemenemene basically decodes into deceitful person’’

Being cheated on usually inspires bouts of weeping. But if you’re Bantusitse in this song, it inspires elaborate retaliation arrangements. We don’t condone destroying your ex’s reputation or whatsoever, but boy, do we respect it? That girl broke your precious heart, do something!  And, I’m certain she is not torn up with guilt for she betrayed you, well, maybe she is!

An extract from the song says ‘’If you don’t want me, and I don’t want you, we will figure it out’’. He was accentuating that there is no need for double-dealing if the spark is no longer there, but rather, an agreement can be met so see if it ends there, or there is a way of working things out. This is profound, I too felt that. ‘’Looking at what is bang up-to-date now in existence, there is lot of split-up circumstances, matrimonies nose-dive and too much of passion killings.

These things are fuelled by unprincipled acts and it gives evidence that double-dealing isn’t cool. If only people in love could resort to solving concerns without doing what is not right, I swear the world can be a better place. We need to let go if we no longer are interested in a certain person we dating at that particular time.

As relatively new as he is in the music circles, Bantusitse stressed that he is up for a challenge and willing to lance this controversial industry. ‘’This is a tough industry and I know all the dynamics that come with it. But it is what it is, I am all ready. I’m working on a single dubbed Legae, its baking and hope to be ready before year-end. As for an album, that is also on cards. Frankly speaking, I’m ready to redefine the music diligence here at home, and go reconnoitre prospects outside boarders as time goes on’’. Well, the young chap said it all, and I only wish him well. I’m self-assured that he will vanquish and elevate himself up against all odds.



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