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NomLu Nail Bar dishes glam

Publishing Date : 17 September, 2019


It’s so refreshing to see how local women are emerging in businesses and are at par with trends and are making strides in the corporate world. NomLu Nail Bar, is one such business that has managed to incorporate glamour in the beauty industry by adopting the western culture in their cheek fleek beauty shop.

It was not long ago when the beauty shop kicked doors open in the beauty industry, offering services of makeup, manicure, pedicure, wig retail and bridal packages. The jaw dropping beauty shop, is owned by a young woman by the name of Nomsa Lukashe, who hails from Ghanzi. The nail bar is located in the busy Fairgrounds mall, it is so conveniently located that it is the first entrance when entering the mall, customers can’t miss it.  

When feeting within the proximity of the beauty shop, I was totally stunned by the sultry that the beauty shop dished when I was just outside the courts of the shop. The ambiance that comes with it leaves a feel of excellence, class and glam. The whole set up paints a feminine picture which give the whole atmosphere a super cool twist.

After the entourage offered me a sit and a cup of coffee, I could not help noticing the pink passion that offered a blush of pink in the interior designs of the entire beauty bar, radiating nothing but sophistication. The whole set up which has a feminine look had flushed their décor with some fur on couches and just strutle stylish looks. You would notice that the women who came here were modern, fashionable and have an aura of charm. Though it was not too busy, I could notice a few women enjoying the cozy services that were offered.

As I waited in the lounge, a petite young lady smiled broadly at me as she made her way towards where I was seated. This was the elegant owner of NomLu. She gave me a warm welcome as she took me to her office, which was by the far corner of the building and we started having a dialogue on her career and how she took the industry by storm.

“My business started off due to the fact that I am passionate about beauty. I often went out to do my nails, most of the times I was not satisfied because I am a natural perfectionist. Then I started learning on my own how to do nails and that is when people stated to take interest in my craft and I decided to do my own business,” she said. Like they say, do not despise humble beginnings, her business started entirely from the ground. She hinted to WeekendLife, that though she is an Information Technology technician (ITT) by profession, passion is what made her land in this industry.

“When I graduated, I thought let me do the proper thing and go to work. Although I was working as an IT specialist, my passion for beauty kept knocking. Though my family was hesitant to let me start the nail bar, they finally gave in and let me follow my passion,” she highlighted.
In 2016, she took a decision, registered a business and followed her heart. She started operating in 2017. Then the business stated growing and she had to employ few people to assist with clients.

“Four months later I had to recruit nail technicians and they ended up being six because of the growth and the demand,” she said. Although she is currently operating in Botswana, she chooses to identify and associate her brand with international markets hence the modernized services and interior designs. “When I wanted to source for funding, I could not because unfortunately they took forever. This business is self-funded I had to sacrifice whatever I had, to make it a success. It took us six months to open and here we are,” she underlined.

Service offered by NomLu are for both men and women, which entails nail care generally. “We pride ourselves with trends, we are all about trends, and we set trends. Whenever there is a new trend we make sure we are the first one to introduce it. We ensure we offer the best customer service,” she beamed.



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