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Amateki Culture could let you customize your shoes

Publishing Date : 17 September, 2019


Shoe doping is actually real, and there are some young individuals dedicated to up your shoe game. Some of them have always been fans of footwear; to they created something to push that kind of devotion or perhaps an aspiration.

They actually feature any shoes that catch their eyes, but there are some who began to uncover a globe-spanning subculture dedicated to customization. Amateki Culture is one local brand that is doing pretty well in that regard. This kind is very proud to easily create a unique style you may need for your shows. Whether you wish to wish to air brush or hand paint to customize your shoes, they got the magic. So rather than buying your favourite shoes in blue or red, you could buy one pair of shoes and change the colour depending on how you want them to be.

In an exclusive interview with Weekend Life in Gaborone recently, successful sneaker customizer and designer, who is also Founder of Amateki Culture Benjamin Boitumelo said he is a shoe fanatic, so shoe customization has always been something he is passionate about. He alleged that the sneaker customization culture is sky’s the limit. Be it adding a personal touch to an otherwise generic pair or getting your own version of a limited-edition shoe, the reasons for undergoing this process vary. Still, it always ends up with the original model receiving a significant amount of upgrade.

Initially, he wanted an avenue for his passion and individuality, but saw potential to become a full-fledged business. ‘’I have always wanted to be a stand out with truly unique pairs. I personally chose sneakers as my own personal canvas to showcase my artistic skills. I started off four years ago with few clients, and to date I can do over 10 pairs of shoes a month depending on the amount of work they will require from me. I would confidently say the brand has continued making positive dip among enthusiast each year’’. He acclaims his triumph to mutually the sneaker philosophy and creative liberty being at an all-time high.

‘’Customizing sneakers is a bit complex. The thing is you need to know what material you using and which paint is perfectly suited for it, dye, and medium to make the art wearable. It requires meticulous and tedious work’’ he said. According to him, that lacing up a customized pair is one’s way of expressing his or her uniqueness. ‘’I think I just want more people to appreciate art and how it can be incorporated in our daily lives.  It makes you different from the rest when you have a one-of-a-kind sneaker design on your feet, rather than wearing the same design like others.

He stressed that he also works on denim wear, adding that it’s a matter of working on something one like as means of making capital. His art is way too different from other artists in town, so he says. ‘’My brand it different in the sense that it offers professional customization services through observing and paying attention to craftsmanship and details, the art is clean and smart. Experience also plays an important role especially as a self-taught sneaker designer and customizer’’

With social media being used for wrong reasons by many youngsters, Boitumelo indicated that he uses it to promote his talent. He makes sure he paints a decent reputation to his followers, as they are too capable of selling his hustle, the more they share, the more he stands to acquire new customers. ‘’I normally use Facebook and Instagram. I make sure that my work speaks for itself and the reputation behind the brand.

At this era, social media plays an important role in building small businesses, and we grateful for the owner to have come up with such a platform. I would encourage other young entrepreneurs to open up pages, promote them and sell their products and services. This platform is actually meant for positive things such as entrepreneurship.’’

He underlined that, for him to remain relevant, he keeps consistency. ‘’I offer more design ranges and more detailed designs that represent different cultures such as traditional designs and seasonal designs, or floral designs even. This industry is evolving at a higher pace, so you ought to bring in something new. There has to be that consistent record of what you do, and people have to trust you with their money’’

The creative industry need funds to be able to penetrate through, hence growing the industry. Boitumelo stressed that government should invest more in developing this sector, adding that collaboration is vital too in formulating ideas and policies that regulate the sector. ‘’My plan is to work with clothing brands, models and shoes shops to offer more variety. This will help create employment not to many but a few, so government should consider assisting the industry. With unemployment being relatively high amongst youth, I believe this can assist, one way or the other’



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