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Khama says BDP wanted to fire Tshekedi

Publishing Date : 16 September, 2019


Former President Lt Gen Ian Khama has said Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), wanted to expel his younger brother Tshekedi Khama, from the party, but has since chickened out after being warned that they will lose the constituency.  

Speaking at a rally in Serowe West this week, Khama said President Mokgweetsi Masisi has since resorted to actions that seek to cause division between him and Tshekedi. Khama has expressed his desire to see Tshekedi dumping the ruling party, because he believes the party is mistreating him. Khama wants Tshekedi to join the newly formed Botswana Patriotic Front, a party he founded.

“They did not want him in the party. Last year December they attempted to fire him. They were advised that once they fire him, their party is going to lose Serowe West constituency,’’ Khama said. Khama descended to Serowe West constituency, on a sole mission of asking the constituents whether they will vote for Tshekedi Khama in the October polls if he stays put in the BDP. “In May, I had a meeting at Serowe Show Grounds to tell you about my decision to quit Botswana Democratic Party. It was not the fact that I hate BDP leadership, it was because they were mistreating me,’’ Khama said.

Khama said the BDP has even made life difficult for Tshekedi, by expelling his campaign manager from the party. It is reported that the campaign manager was using a BDP vehicle to advance the interest of the BPF, and not that of the BDP. Khama, however, believes the blame should rest on the BDP chairman in Serowe region, Steady Sethaba, whom he accused of causing confusion. The former President, said the said vehicle was dispossessed from Tshekedi’s campaign manager, but his younger brother was not consulted.

He also expressed concern that BDP is giving the nation a wrong impression that he and his younger brother hate each other. “The BDP leadership wants to separate us. We are brothers of the same blood; we are close to each other and there is nothing between us. It appeared in local newspapers that we hate each other, it is not true,” Khama said. He revealed that after he joined BPF, Masisi started going with Tshekedi wherever he was going to prove to people that we hate each other.

“I moved to BPF and he is remaining with Tshekedi in BDP. That is the wrong impression that is being created,” he said. Khama said when he left the BDP, he was not the only one who was having a problem with BDP leadership. “BDP Members of Parliament do visit me, telling me that President Masisi is oppressing them.  Government is made up of 29 MPs, if he troubles them they will leave him,” he said. Khama said Masisi is intending on dividing BaMangwato, contending that there are plans to divide Central District and turn sub-districts into fully-fledged districts as way of diluting his influence.

Most of the attendants, who spoke at the rally indicated that they want Tshekedi to follow suit and join BPF. Tshekedi has previously indicated that Khama will decide his fate. It is not clear whether Tshekedi will leave the BDP before nomination undertaken later this month.  
After deliberations, Khama has promised to deliver the message to Tshekedi, that Serowe West constituents will only vote for him if he joins and contest under the BPF.



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