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Molosi’s first queer film to debut in Hong Kong

Publishing Date : 10 September, 2019


International film maker, author and actor Donald Molosi’s film dubbed ‘2064’, is set to hit the screens in Hong Kong, in September, at the Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival. The film which was imaged in Botswana and Zimbabwe gives snippets of an African narrative with Molosi as lead actor.


The film was produced by Dreamcoat Films; a London based film production and it’s directed by award-winning British-Nigerian director, Joseph Adesunloye. ‘2064’ revolves around the relationship between human beings and wildlife. In the film, a continental government has to take drastic measures to ensure that the balance between people and wildlife is restored.


Molosi explained to WeekendLife that he is proud of the UK-Botswana, film which was compiled this year. "It is true that this is the first queer film from Botswana since the decriminalization of same sex relationships. Art must always reflect what is happening in our country,” he said. Known for his extensive repertoire of work in the creative space, Molosi stated that 2064 is an important film that he shares a lead role in with Thabo Rametsi; a renowned South African actor who has worked with sought after Hollywood stars.  He shared that the film allowed them to give performances that they had not yet had a chance to give in their acting careers so far.


“The film shows a Motswana actor in a lead role for the first time. I hope that inspires younger generations of Batswana actors to dream even bigger than that. By the lead role I mean in an international film,” he said. Though he was hesitant to disclose more about the message, he fervently recommends it to Batswana.  “The message of the film depends on the viewer. That is why I am excited for Batswana to see it, especially as they go to the polls to vote in the upcoming October general elections,” he said. So far, the film has not yet premiered in Botswana, as he is currently looking into for a corporate to come on board. “They will see it once local corporate partners or government partner with us. That would give the necessary resources to premiere and circulate the film in Botswana,” he said hopeful at the prospect of finding partners.


In 2011, Molosi won the Best Short Solo Award at United Solo Theatre Festival, for his performance as Seretse Khama in ‘Blue, Black and White’. In 2013, Molosi returned from Broadway to perform ‘Motswana: Africa, Dream Again’. He also played supporting roles in historic films such as; A United Kingdom in 2016 and Given in 2009. As a playwright, Molosi has published a collection of his original off-Broadway plays, which include ‘We Are All Blue, Blue, Black and White’ and ‘Motswana: Africa as well as Dream Again’’, in 2016.


Plot Summary

Failing to take heed of warnings, in 2033 a devastating population growth, famine and mass internal displacement pushes Africa to the brink of war. Many of the continent's animals are wiped out due to hunting and the ever-warming climate. The ballooning population fought over fewer and fewer food and water resources. Reeling from environmental catastrophe, national governments are unable to cope with the devastation and an emergency session of the African Union is called. By an overwhelming majority, the AU decides to create a federation of African States.


The new state is called Grand Afrique. The first major initiative to revive the climate is, an annual cull of four million men. Soon the policy is successful, and the continent's wildlife begins to flourish again. In 2064, a nascent freedom movement led by the 'Ladies in White', is fighting for the emancipation of the condemned men and to put an end to the human cull.



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