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DPP engages Malaysia on Kgosi

Publishing Date : 09 September, 2019


The Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) has this week confirmed that efforts to trace former intelligence chief, Colonel Isaac Kgosi are underway after the Magistrate Court reinstated his warrant of arrest.

Speaking to this publication, DPP Assistant Director of Public Prosecution, Thato Dibeela indicated that they have written to the Malaysian authorities to seek assistance with the arrest of Kgosi. On the 14th of July, a warrant of arrest was issued against Kgosi after breaching his bail conditions twice, having failed to report to the police for two consecutive months. Kgosi had failed to report to the police in the months of May and June when the warrant of arrest was ordered against him.

The warrant of arrest was however put on halt after Kgosi’s lawyers approached the court to have the warrant of arrest suspended. This week, the court dismissed Kgosi’s application to have the warrant of arrest against him suspended. It further ordered relevant authorities to ensure that Kgosi comes back to Botswana to show cause why he disobeyed a court order and his bail conditions. The Magistrate ruled that: “Kgosi is not terminally ill; so he should have come back to Botswana to apply for a variation of his bail conditions.”

However, it is indicated that Kgosi has confirmed that he will only be able to attend court in December this year, after his recovery. The DPP has pointed out that even though Kgosi claims to be in Malaysia they are in not in a state to confirm or deny, hence they have asked for his travel documents to be submitted by his attorneys; Thabo Tafila and Unoda Mack to be validated.

 “I cannot say I know where Kgosi is. Yes, it is said that he is Malaysia and the documents before us indicate that he has not left Malaysia to date, but we are not sure and [we] are yet to find out,” Dibeela stressed. Dibeela further pointed out that despite communication with the Malaysian authorities, they, at this juncture, cannot confirm whether or not Kgosi will be arrested in Malaysia or they will wait for his return.

“I really do not know; he might decide to come back today or tomorrow or maybe several months later, but he needs to come so we can get this case over and done with. His absence is slowing down prosecution and it should be indicated that we are working tirelessly around the clock on this case.” This publication has also gathered information that there is a case before the police in which one special constable is alleged to have faked Kgosi’s signature in May in pretense that Kgosi had reported himself when in actual fact he [Kgosi] was away in South Africa where he later travelled to Malaysia.



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