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Bring back AFCON glory – BFA tells Amrouche

Publishing Date : 02 September, 2019


The new senior national team coach, Adel Amrouche, is expected to leave no stone unturned over the next five months as he tries to get the best idea of whom he should pick in his line-up, as he attempts to lead the team to the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) finals to be held in 2021.


Indeed the clock is ticking for local players to prove to Amrouche, that they deserve to be in his final squad after he finishes his scouting exercise. The next few months will be the most important period of Amrouche's professional life too. The new mentor, who has coached East African giants; Kenya, Burundi and Libya, has had a not ‘so speaking’ career in football management, but taking this country to the next AFCON finals, even with its  enormous financial challenges, is his biggest mission by far. The 51-year-old, wants to cover the length and breadth of the country to assess the best players available to him. "We have to follow games every week, and my main focus is intelligent players, I will be working closely with coaches of junior teams so that we best see how to bolster the national team’s play,” he said.

The senior national team, already has a tough assignment against The Flames of Malawi in the coming weeks, as preliminary stages of world cup 2022 begins. At this stage, Amoruche will have a perfect opportunity to show the country exactly why the association finally settled for him instead of others. “One of the things that interests me more is trying to get more contact with the players,” Amrouche said. "The game in September gives us only a couple of weeks. I will have to play attacking football and the tactics I am to use will be determined by the type of players at hand.”  

"One of our challenges is to try to make sure we liaise with the clubs, get around to the clubs and get a chance to meet the coaches, meet the players, just get an update and a chance to refresh the players’ memories about what we look like and how we sound. But honestly, I don’t like to talk too much, my talking is on the field; football is my passion,” he stressed. The Belgian man sees the Zebras job as his challenge in all respects and he is determined to change the style of play of the national team where he is expected to analyse video clips of their past performances. The president (of what?) and his technical team believe, Amrouche provides the perfect compromise between those who believe that Belgian people make the best managers of the national side, because they have more passion and those who say continental coaches are better because they are more cerebral and more tactically astute. 


The former player from La Louviére, Belgium, who has spent a large part of his career working in Europe, is very patriotic, even if he is actually more continental than he is European, therefore getting the best of both worlds. Masego Ntshingane, head of BFA technical, said Amrouche was appointed because he has experience of African football. Because the BFA has appointed him, there is a widespread confidence that the country is getting an intelligent, thoughtful man, who can motivate his players to perform to their optimum and also someone who realizes that while football is very important, there are also other things in life. The kind of detachment that makes a top flight coach go out for afternoon trips or for beauty spots on a Sunday during the football season, is exactly what the NEC wants from the coach of this country.


Amrouche, is expected to guide The Zebras to the next edition of AFCON finals, but before that, he has to bring home the COSAFA trophy.



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