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KTM choir triumphs in Belgium

Publishing Date : 19 August, 2019


Local choral sensation Kgalemang Tumediso Motsete (KTM) choir, has been making strides at the recently hosted World Choir Games competition held in London. The choir that is known for always conveying a stellar perfomance has outdone itself allowing them to compete at the grand finale in Belgium next year.


KTM was founded 26 years ago (1993) by the late Gomolemo Motswaledi. Its mandate was to promote Setswana music. The brand has grown over the years with now four structures; KTM Choir Board, the Active KTM Choir, and retired KTM members now called Serodumo. The choir has an active membership of around 60 choristers. It is also known for incubating homegrown stars such as Lizibo of ‘Malebeswa,’ fame, Nnunu Ramogotsi and Punah Gabasiane Molale.


The Public Relations Officer of KTM Choir, Charity Lorato Semere shared with WeekendLife that the choir performed in London after being invited by the European Choir Games organisers last year to come register for the competition. “They just hear us sing at our own show and invited us to register and compete. Unlike other choir, we were fortunate enough not to go through the primary competitions which were held last year in South Africa,” she said. She also stated that the organisers had been in South Africa for the world Choir Games and visited Botswana and that was at a time when KTM hosted a show dubbed, "Tribute to Kgalemang Tumediso Motsete."


The choir competed in the Open Category- Folklore where they made it to the top 2, which scored them a Gold medal. “This then qualified us to the Grand Prix of Nations Championship where we managed to get another gold medal, a top level which placed us as the best 3 in the world in Folklore music,” she explained. A total of 136 choirs were at the European Choir Games, where they competed with choirs from Finland, China, Sweden, Romania, and Belgium making them the only choir in Africa that made it to the competition of that magnitude.


In the Open Category the choir had 15 minutes to present two songs, were they performed their best musical piece which is mostly celebrated back home called. ‘Tsibirobi’ and ‘Ditso tsa rona.’ In the Grand Prix of Nations, where champions come face to face, she explained that they we were given 25 minutes to perform a minimum of five songs. The choir had to put on their traditional apparel whilst showcasing their impeccable talent. “We wanted to give the world a taste of our Tswana culture and dance. We also wanted our fellow countrymen in London to celebrate with us our tradition.

Everywhere a person goes and hears a song like ‘mmamati,’ or ‘marabele’ they comprehend it speaks sternly of our inherent culture and what it signifies in the lives of Batswana,” she explained. They have now qualified to contend for the grand prize, next in Belgium. “The world choir games gives us an opportunity to compete with choirs from all over the world. It is a world stage. The awards are medals, and certificates and a world ranking,” she said.

The European Choir Games were sponsored by FNBB, Ministry of Youth Empowerment Sports and culture. 




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