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Longing for Linga Longa seasoned pork ribs?

Publishing Date : 19 August, 2019


Conveniently situated in the busy mall of Game City, Linga Longa restaurant has been a household to people who need a relaxed environment to calm, mingle with friends as well as hold business meetings and they have also played host to birthdays.

Upon receiving an invite to check out the apparent ribs in town by a friend, I was not hesitant to try out the pork ribs, which somehow has been the latest plug of many people in around town especially the ‘elite’. When I arrived at the meat and beverage restaurant, I stood by the door as I balled my eyes around for any waiter to assist, she appeared in the blink of an eye with a smile well put on show in her face. She welcomed me and made sure I am settled and asked if I needed anything at the time. I was to choose between ribs and pizza and remembering my conversation, I knew I had to feed my recent craving and went for the grilled saucy and sticky ribs.


My order was gladly taken. The atmosphere was revitalizing and everyone was just enjoying their own space, both white and local people. The parting of the restaurant allows some to sit at the well-arranged lounges at the outside of the restaurant or to be enclosed in the walls of the joint. Although I thought the lounges were offering the best comfort, I was hesitant to go outside as enjoyed the view of Kgale view that the transparent windows allowed me to see. I then figured that the place would even be cooler if I had tagged my friends to enjoy the rather friendly atmosphere.

Well, my order finally arrived, and the waiter advised me to enjoy my meal which looked enticing to the eye. The smell of a seasoned meat took over my nostrils, watering my tounge and luring me to have a bite. The ribs were neatly and beautifully garnished and decorated and with a side dish of French fries. I finally took my fork and knife and sliced the meat which easily cooperated, I gently took off my slice of pork and took a bite. The ribs were well seasoned and well prepared. Every bite I took was worth it. The most intriguing thing about the food presentation that I have never seen in any of the local restaurants, was how they served their fries. A small bucket, in cup size made out of corrugated iron served my fries which they said it is to showcase the inborn culture. 


The waiter was extremely amazing, and wanted to make sure that I was okay the entire time I had my meal. I enjoyed the ambiance of Linga Longa, the waiters are receptive and I strongly recommend their ribs to anyone who loves ribs that are well prepared without any funny smell.




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