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Amakuvuki and their rise to the top

Publishing Date : 19 August, 2019


Amakuvuki, initially from Lobatse in the streets of Peleng has accumulated invaluable years in the industry as dancers, and are now the people’s favourite youthful Sbujwa Tribal Kwasa and Afro Tribal House music group in Lobatse, and not only that, they are recording artist. Fast and slick foot movements, popping and locking, head-spinning, crawling and hat throwing is the art of their style of dancing. 


What started as a hobby transitioned into a hustle the trio now makes a living out of. All of that persistence has led up to this pivotal milestone, the release of their debut album, Mabebeza. Not limited by barriers, the project serves as proof that this young boys create an array of music made for both the dance floor, and road drips. The group was formed in 2013, and comprises of 3 unemployed young men, who aspire to create a professional art platform for other youngsters as well as grooming upcoming artists. Kitso Maoto, Gilbert Magilo and Thabo Thato revealed in an interview with Weekend Life reporter Tlhabo Kgosiemang that their eclectic taste taps into the Sbujwa world, house music and their distinctive Kwasa dance workings. So, there’s a little candy for every Sbujwa lover’s eye.


‘’From a way back, people from this township have done Sbujwa. Back then dancers used to relay a message through their dances, or tell stories through their dance and moves’’ says Kitso. Amakuvuki landed their notable gigs at various events in Lobatse a few years ago. Since then, they have gone on to leave their music on tracks such as Zuma. Their passionate drive in this industry has kept them relevant for the longest time, as they are now able to release a masterpiece after another. ‘’We also participated on My African Dream Competition, Black Eye Production as well as Epic Dance Battle where we were awarded certificates of participation and medals. We believe that is the greatest achievement, and it is an inspiration to keep doing more. That on its own is a lesson to say everything starts from humble beginnings’’  


To date, the group has successfully released singles that include Sbujwa, Mantombeza, One Day, Khumbulekhaya and Gale Bereke. Amakuvuki shared that their hard work paid off and led them to represent the country in international competitions such as in South Africa. The trio is quickly rising to the top with their new hot single Digital, that came with a bonus track Monate wa Itirelwa. They indicated that the songs were produced by Harrycane while Phenyo Delux did the graphics. The songs anticipated to take music lovers for a ride were released just last week, and they are about creating pleasure for oneself.




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