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Joyous Celebration to rock UB arena

Publishing Date : 12 August, 2019


After a sold out show last year, South African renowned gospel ensemble, Joyous Celebration, this year will be returning with loins even more girded for the Life Changing Concert which is slated for August 23.

The event will be held at the University Of Botswana Indoor Sports Arena. Joyous Celebration is a South African Gospel choir which was founded in 1994 by Jabu Hlongwane, Mthunzi Namba and Lindelani Mkhize. What was merely meant to be a one-time studio project by South African musicians, turned into a massive platform for upcoming South African artists. The choir has enjoyed success in South Africa and the rest of the African continent, having released 22 albums as of 2018.
Bringing their latest offering, Joyous Celebration will be performing their latest album, ‘Joyous Celebration 23' which had many  pocketing the album across the world.

“Joyous Celebration 23"consists mostly of  Setswana songs  and as much as we are looking forward to a sold out event, this will be a nice gesture for  Batswana to sing along with their favorite group,” Organiser of the event, Joe Manuel explained to WeekendLife. Manuel further stated that the whole choir that consists of 144 members will be landing in the country on 23 August together with Jabu Hlongwane, Lindelani Mkhize and Mthunzi Number. On their  arrival,a meet and greet will be held at Masa Square Hotel where they will be welcomed by Mafitlhakgosi traditional group.

Currently standing at an 80 percent show, the most sought after ensemble is looking to fill the stadium with 5500 people. Manuel explained that they  are looking to place everything up to par to bring a bigger and better show than last year.
“It is going to be an amazing show. We are for quality and plan to leave  no stone unturned. Everyone is looking forward to this encounter with the Life Changing Concert.  We are moving onto the next level of performance as a growth aspect beacuse a reserved  yet magnifed performance is in line” he shared. He further stated that, in terms of security they promise assurance of safety extending to personal belongings,vehicles  and  proper roll of traffic movement. “We will make sure that people are well taken care of,” he said.

“This will be an international show as we are expecting people from all over Africa, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique.Basically,high numbers are expected” he said. Braveheart and Joyous Celebration have signed a memorandum of agreement which allowed Braveheart to host Joyous Celebration for five years. The company that is known for its best staging, sound and lighting quality also have a long term agreement with Joyous celebration to groom local talent. Out of the Memorandum of Agreement, we have also agreed to start a gospel television show, where we will scout for talent as well as afford them an opportunity to go perform and record with Joyous Celebration in South Africa,” he said.



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