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Okavango Festival in the Delta

Publishing Date : 12 August, 2019


An international arts and cultural event, Okavango Cultural Festival will be held on the 4th – 7th of in Maun, Botswana’s tourism hub and a gateway to the prestigious Okavango Delta.

A total of 22 countries will be taking part in an occasion that seek to promote Okavango as an international world heritage site. The festival, under the theme, ‘Promotion for Sustainable Economic Development towards Vision 2036 and beyond’, is organised by Ghetto Urban Design. The purpose is to promote ecosystem functions and biological diversity in animals and plants as an economic resource providing life-supporting services, economic and economic resilience. In an interview with WeekendLife, the manager of Urban Design Vincent Sebati, stated that the concept came about after they approached Botswana National Museum and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to be allowed to promote Okavango as an international heritage and they were given the license.

“The concept is to have all 22 countries that have embassies in Botswana to come and promote their countries in terms of music, fashion food, arts and culture,” he said. With more 1000 heritage sites in Botswana, Okavango Delta will be given prominence during this occasion as the vast waters will be toured by local and international visitors. The first day will be the official opening by the Deputy Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Environment and Tourism Oduetse Koboto. As for the second day, there will be an official tour of Okavango Delta by boats, scenic helicopter riding and hiking. The third day will be reserved for the festival, where people will be showing their food, clothing and music. The last say will be for the music festival, and it will be a black tie event.

Last year the same event was hosted, Sebati further stated that they were not successful hence their efforts to work on the errors they made last year to bring the best experience of this year’s Okavango Cultural Festival.
“We have partners and not financial partners, but partners in terms of logistics and technical support. They will be assisting us in bringing a ‘wow’ experience to remember,” he said. He highlighted that ultimately they want Okavango Cultural Festival to be an annual event. “We want to show the world what we have in terms of local designs, food and music. We are marketing our country. It is part of celebration of our independence,” he said. According to Sebati, tourism plays a pivotal role in economic development hence the need to ensure that it is explored.

“When we talk about tourism we are talking about sustainable development. We are trying to sustain what we have in terms of tourism and in terms of arts as well as show what we have as a country,” he shared.



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