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Orange marathon to ignite Phikwe

Publishing Date : 12 August, 2019


The long-awaited Orange Selibe Phikwe marathon billed for 14 September 2019 will take place as scheduled, the Marathon organizers have revealed.

The company which also sponsors the famous FA cup has confirmed that they have even renewed the marathon sponsorship to make it more exciting come the month of September. 
The sponsorship has been renewed at a tune of P660 000 for three years in an alignment with the company’s business strategy to nurture local talent. Lepata Mafa Nthumole, the Orange Botswana Director Legal and Corporate Affairs stated that the Orange Phikwe national marathon is a highly anticipated annual event with a rich history.

‘The marathon shines a spotlight on the town of Selibe Phikwe and it creates an atmosphere of excitement for the people of the town. It also offers great support and opportunities for the many local businesses directly and indirectly involved with the event,” he said. “As Orange Botswana, this does not only represent our commitment to sports development in Botswana but also our unwavering support to the residents of Phikwe and surrounding communities. This occasion brings renewed hope and energy at a time when the residents need it most following closure of the mines. Through this marathon we hope to instill a strong sense of unity through community, as we all come together for health and wellness,” he further highlighted.

He also stated that the national marathon is accredited by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) and it is expected to attract both international and local runners, professionals and amateurs alike. “We believe that platforms such as the Marathon will create opportunities for our local talented athletes, enabling them to truly harness their skills and talents to them in their career and onto international stages following the likes of star athletes like Nijel Amos and Nijel Amos,” he said.



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