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Masisi’s life under threat - DIS

Publishing Date : 08 July, 2019


Director General of the Directorate on Intelligence and Security (DIS), Brigadier Peter Magosi has for the first time confirmed that there is a real threat to the life of President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

Magosi told the media yesterday that the intelligence organ is studying the developments with keen interest and warned anyone who tries to temper with the president’s life. “I’m warning them, we are watching,” he said.  Magosi cautioned that the recent security threat should not be taken lightly, lest if anything happens to the president the nation would have failed.  When revealing for the first time the Mozambique assassination threat, the spy chief revealed that he is the one who advised the president aircraft to turn back.

 “I was on the ground in Mozambique. I did advise him to return, otherwise you would be asking me questions today. The president’s life is in danger, it’s a fact, I would not want to divulge and give enemy advantage,” he said.  He also explained that prior to the assassination threats of the president, he engaged with other counterparts in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe and would not discuss the matter any further.

In his narration Magosi posed a question: “Have you ever heard of a situation whereby, before the president aircraft lands there is a power cut? Nowhere except here, has it happened so many times.” Magosi stressed that it is worrisome and surprising that the state house fence is connected to a residential plot.  “Where in the world have you seen the State House fence connected to a residential plot? It is only here in Botswana,” Magosi said.

He said that his wish is to negotiate with the people in line near the State House because the security has changed and would be glad if state properties are allocated in private spaces. He however pointed out that the current state of the State House has never been a problem, but now it is a problem due to divisions of centers of power. In his briefing Magosi emphasized that his job is the nation, not personal and assures that politicians are very much safe in this nation and therefore should feel safe.

He clarified that his job was to take care of the president, former president, vice president and former Vice President. “I cannot deny that we may have interest in watching some politicians. If there are an interest we will, but we will never do anything that breaches our laws,” he said.



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