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DCEC summons Khama for questioning

Publishing Date : 10 June, 2019


The Office of the President (OP) has this week given the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) a go ahead to institute investigations against former President Lt Gen Ian Khama.

The DCEC had earlier written to the Office of President (OP) requesting permission to summon Khama to come before their office for questioning regarding some questionable transactions linked to his personal benefit. In response, impeccable sources indicate that OP informed DCEC that “it does not need permission from OP as it has the power to investigate any other person.” DCEC Director General, Brigadier Joseph Mathambo, who spoke to this publication on Friday (yesterday) could not confirm or deny that, the crime busting agency has initiated investigations against Khama.

This publication is aware that the DCEC communiqué to OP was made when President Khama was away in South Africa. He was expected to report to the directorate upon arrival.  The monies in question were taken on different occasions, from different accounts and for different purposes.   The information gathered by the DCEC according to sources in the security intelligence is that, “The sum of P106m was used to buy vehicles for the former president and three of his politician friends sometime in 2017.” WeekendPost was however not able to uncover the specific account in which the said money was taken from at the time of going to press.

“There is a suggestion that there could be P400, 000 from National Petroleum Fund (NPF) allegedly used to buy Khama a caravan, and P250, 000 could have been used for renovation of his retirement home in October 2017. The DCEC wants to check this allegations.”   The money was allegedly received from businessman Bakang Seretse who is currently before court with nine others for allegedly running a racketeering scheme, to defraud government of P320m in 2017.

It is reported that the money has been used partly to purchase seven vehicles (trucks), but part of the money remain unaccounted for.  The DCEC has reportedly made contact with one suspected beneficiary (known to this publication), who has since told the agency that he returned the money which was given to them. The suspect is reported to have benefited P200 000.

When contacted for comment on Thursday, Khama distanced himself from all the allegations against him and even denied recipient of the said letter. On the issue of P110m, his response was, “How can someone take that large sum in a space of a year? At least they should have said P2m. And if this happened in 2017 as they allege, what were they doing in 2018? Why now? Khama asked. On the NPF saga, Khama said, “I haven’t had any dealings with the NPF. I haven’t received any money from NPF. Bakang has not given me any monies.”



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