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Man chooses to be a Wife

Publishing Date : 13 May, 2019


Thapelo Matshameko, a 26 year-old from Makaleng was born a male, who later assumed the character and qualities of a woman, now wants to fully transform to a woman. Matshameko wishes to have children in the near future with an ideal partner.

“I need someone who can help me to change. I want to do surgery. I hate to be like this because people harass us [sexual minorities],” he told WeekendLife. “I have plans of getting married to a man, then have kids. I am going to adopt kids and have my own family.”
Matshameko, who is a cashier at Payless BBS Mall revealed that he grew up like a girl and everything he did resembled girls. “I did not change to be like this. I have always been like this. I have never dated a woman and I have never done anything with a woman,” he said.

He said that the major challenge that he is faced with is the fact that the society has not yet accepted him and that they abuse him with words. “When growing up, people abused me with words and told me things I did not like. They called me ‘brazen’. They would gossip and hurled insults at me when I passed,” he said. Although society rejected him, his family became accommodative of him and have raised him perfectly well.

“Some of my friends and family do not have a problem with the way I am.  My parents though told me they are not happy with the way I am. Just that they have accepted the way I am but they do not treat me in a bad way,” he explained. Even so, he wants people to come to a point where they realise that they need to respect him for who he is. “They should respect choices I make. Even if I have two sex organs they should understand. If I say I hate it, they should understand. I want people to know that I do what I want to do,” he said.

Although he said he loves being transgender, he does not really appreciate it because he wants to transition to become a ‘complete’ woman. “Do not judge us, being a transgender is not our choice. There are a lot of thieves, rapists and gossipers. Why do people hate gays and transgenders? Why do they abuse us?” he lamented. He explained that at first when people threw words of mockery at him, his fury aroused but these days when they mock him, he keeps his calm.

“Even at work, when I assist a customer and they call me ‘brazen’ I keep quite. Some get embarrassed. Even those guys who wash cars at Broadhurst [Gaborone] when they hurl insults at me calling me ‘gay’ I never talk to them neither do I respond to them. I don’t have to live for people,” he said. Even though it is hard for society to accept him, he said it is just momentarily and that people one day will be accommodative.



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