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Serowe Council moves to frustrate Venson-Moitoi

Publishing Date : 13 May, 2019


Serowe Sub-Council this week moved swiftly to sabotage Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi’s much anticipated meeting which was scheduled to take place at Lady Khama Community hall on Wednesday. Venson-Moitoi’s planned meeting followed former President Lt Gen Seretse Khama Ian Khama’s meeting which was held in Serowe at the show grounds over the weekend.

Venson-Moitoi was scheduled to address Bangwato on the outcome of the Kang congress and to give them an update on her political future. On Tuesday night, Venson-Moitoi received information that the planned meeting at Lady Khama might not see the light of the day as the hall is fully booked until May 18th something that was never communicated to her before. However WeekendPost investigations can safely reveal that the said hall is not occupied at the moment and is heavily locked with chains.

On Wednesday afternoon it seems the message was not communicated to some democrats who thronged Lady Khama to attend Venson-Moitoi’s meeting but to their dismay the premises were locked and there was no activity going on. When contacted for comment on Tuesday night Venson- Moitoi said she might be forced to postpone the meeting because she was told the hall is not available at the eleventh hour. Venson-Moitoi confirmed to WeekendPost that she will be travelling to Serowe to look for another venue to host the meeting.

“At the moment I can only share with you what they told me. They said the hall is not available and I have to come up with an alternative or wait until after the 18th May otherwise I will have to call members of the media to address a press conference”, she said. Venson-Moitoi said she is a democrat and that if it means waiting she will have to wait because she is too patient. A source close to the developments said this is a move by Serowe sub-council who seems to be working on a directive to deny Venson-Moitoi a place to host her much anticipated meeting.

 “Last week former President Ian Khama almost suffered the same fate. Khama had initially wanted to use the Serowe Sports Complex but they refused until the organisers resorted to using the showgrounds,” said a source. A few weeks before the Kang Special Congress where Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi challenged President Masisi for the position of party president, Khama, Venson- Moitoi, Tati East legislator Samson Moyo Guma, Specially elected Councillor Roseline Panzirah-Matshome and other 30 councillors from central district convened at Lady Khama hall at a heated campaign that saw speakers one by one taking swipe at President Masisi and his administration.

The 30 councillors would later be called for disciplinary hearing but they were acquitted on the grounds that the complainant did not turn up. However, Guma was expelled from the party with Lerala- Maunatla Member of Parliament Prince Maele being suspended for 12 months and Tati West legislator Biggie Butale bing side-lined for six months. Venson-Moitoi and Khama have challenged President Masisi that if he wants unity he should desist from suspending people from the party and concentrate his energies on uniting the party towards the elections.

Over the weekend Khama held a consultative meeting in Serowe where he engaged Morafe to help him decide his future in politics. At the centre of controversy was whether he should quit the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) or not. Khama told the magnitudes who attended the meeting that he no longer agree with the BDP policies and how they have been treating him. Many people agreed with his decision to quit but he advised them to meet and give him feedback after three weeks.

Contacted for comment of the organisers who spoke on condition of anonymity said they booked the hall well on time but they were surprised to hear that it was booked last minute. “We are still working around the corner to have the hall but we have been told that it can only happen after the 18th May. My guess is as good as everyone else, I cannot say somebody denied us the hall but that is the message we are getting”, he said.     



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