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Masisi shakes cabinet again

Publishing Date : 13 May, 2019


President Mokgweetsi Masisi has fired Assistant Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry and Tati West Biggie Butale from cabinet. Butale was expelled together with Patrick Ralotsia, Minister of Agricultural Development, and Food Security and Kanye North law maker. Masisi has made three cabinet reshuffles since ascending to office over a year ago.

In this week’s reshuffle, he also appointed his successor at Moshupa/Manyana constituency, Karabo Socraat Gare, to the position of Assistant Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry. A long time back bencher Sethomo Lelatisitswe was also appointed Assistant Minister of Health and Wellness. Moiseraele Master Goya has been transferred and appointed Assistant Minister of Tertiary Education, Research Science and Technology from the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry.

Reactions to the appointments:

Karabo Gare: “I didn’t expect it. So it’s coming with mixed feelings. I don’t know whether it’s good for me or not. I need to be visible in Moshupa/Manyana and interact with electorates. We have four months until the General Elections. But the four months is actually a lot of time. I must do utmost best. I might bring something new that would change this country. I need some time to appreciate basic processes of the ministry. This Ministry is the cock-wheel to diversifying the economy. Main points of focus;

Diversify the economy

Find ways of attracting Foreign Investors into the country

Come up with initiatives that will re-kindle the manufacturing sector, the only sector in any country that creates many jobs

Maximum utilization of locally available raw materials

On reports that he was favoured into the cabinet post as he is seen as Masisi’s blue eyed boy he responded “I can’t speak on behalf of H.E. Appointment of cabinet is his prerogative. There is no line to appointments, so I did not skip anyone as some want to put it. It happens every presidency. It has happened before and not starting by me.”

Fidelis Molao: “I am afraid. Naturally I am happy with the show of confidence from the president. It is a mammoth task placed before me looking at the Agricultural sector. It’s a huge task but I believe, with my time in government and politics, I will be able to shape up. And be equal to the task. I am also busy campaigning for re-election and I also have to keep up with the ministerial position. I believe appointing authority saw potential in me. I will get support from farmers, from the Ministry, from the entire populace as well as from the president himself.”
When asked if he was roped in to also become Masisi’s inner circle he answered: “All my life in the BDP I have never seen myself on imaginary talked about factions. I believe factions are imaginary and I am not of any. I see beyond temporary factions if any. I always support party programmes and the leadership.”



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