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Meet the handpicked Miss Landscape International

Publishing Date : 07 May, 2019


The 26 year old Leungo Moiphemedi will be boarding a flight soon to Guangdong China, to represent Botswana at the second annual Miss Landscape International in Guangzhou between May 27 and June 7 2019. Moiphemedi was given the opportunity to represent Botswana in China after being scouted by the Founder of Lovish Models and Promotions, Loveness Chuma.

Chuma told WeekendLife that she was looking for someone who had pageant experience. “I once saw her at Miss Botswana. The pageant needs someone who has no child, not older than 28 and also who has love for nature and she fit all the criteria,” Chuma said. “My promotional agency deals with runway models, promo models, photography models, golf day events, hostessing [sic], pageantry and many more services. So Leungo is one of my models, she joined the agency this year February.”

Moiphemedi stated that she believes she has what it takes to bring the crown home. “I've always been a strong contender, what I hunger for, I ensure that I attain hence why I work tirelessly to make sure that my craft is up to par with competing in a world stage. I am very much confident with my abilities to bring victory for my country's sake,” he said. She further explained that her love for ramp has been her drive through many years and it has always been a dream for her to compete internationally.

“My zeal for pageant industry comes from far back when I was a little girl. I grew up with a vision to make my country proud on an international stage, and I believe the time has finally presented itself,” she added. Currently, she is working with Botswana Society for Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals (BPSCA) as part of her project towards Miss Landscapes international to raise awareness on prevention of cruelty to animals.

“I intend to become the National Director of the pageant upon my return, therefore I will involve the services of most of the youths to embark on this journey with me and best brand our country based on tourism. These goals also emphasize a need on compelling issues to Ensure Environmental Sustainability as a global concern which is also highlighted by the pageant,” she added. Moiphemedi started her journey on the ramp before doing her first grade; her passion for pageantry is brewed from deep within. She became a finalist in all the pageant she participated in, including Miss Botswana.

Miss Landscapes International, also referred to as The Goddess of Nature began in 2018. A queen is crowned every year to continue with her legacy to serve as the Goddess of Nature to protect nature in this new century. The pageant is eager to bring harmony between mankind and nature, leaving animals unharmed. It also serves to empower women of our century to do good causes such as to promote eco-friendly tourism as well as raise awareness on animal cruelty.

This pageant is coordinated by Charm Press Intercontinental Marketing Co Ltd which is based in Guangzhou China and are the official organizer of the event. The Miss Landscapes International Trademark bureau by the company is no stranger to pageant industry; it has been running the Annual Miss China Pageant and the Mister China Pageant since 2012.



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