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Showa the pallet Architect

Publishing Date : 07 May, 2019


A seed was planted which eventually grew to become the enterprise whose mission entailed beautifying the spaces we reside in whilst productively adding value to the customer lifestyle in the process, a 100% citizen owned furniture and interior design company, The Pallet Lifestyle and Décor is 24 year old fourth year student in Business Administration Management with the University of Botswana and Matshelagabedi’s own Ndedani Thusang Showa’s vision.

 Showa identified a niche in the market of furniture designs when he caught  realization through his sister an event manager  who sourced most of her furniture from the famous pallet sites of Old Naledi  residence. “I saw an opportunity in that and researched more about pallet designs, watched YouTube videos and made acquaintance with the same people my sister was buying from to broaden my self-induced knowledge,” he shares. He reveals that when he decided to venture into the pallet design business he had nothing including zero skills to no equipment except passion and commitment and through that, he financed his startup from the school allowance and his parents helped in the procumbent of equipment.

“In the year 2017, I went back to the Old Naledi guys to get people to work with and started the Pallet Guys which later rebranded to The Pallet Lifestyle and Décor as a backyard workshop based in Tlokweng. We started well through the hook up of my sister who was already in the event management industry thus redirected more clientele to us,” Showa added.

The Pallet Lifestyle and Décor is a company that touches every aspect of lifestyle décor which includes manufactures for cooperate, small scale ventures, interior and architectural designs maximizing its limit to fifty individuals for big events designs  in order to maintain good quality produces. Their clientele includes individuals, guest houses, and most catering companies around Gaborone and as far as Francistown and Tsabong. Property owners are also a hit with PLD as they do apartment partitioning, kitchen fittings, wine racks, custom door designs, bedroom suites, indoor and outdoor furniture all constructed with an excellent finish.

Though wood from the pallets they buy from firms around Gaborone is the main organ of the furniture they make Showa relays that “we wanted to diversify and vary from the already available pieces in the market, so in the year 2018, steel and glass was added as our complimentary materials to zest the appeal of our works” adding that “as home styles have evolved over the years, The Pallet Lifestyle Décor has evolved too by keeping up with the lifestyle trends.”

 As an imprint of their mission which is to provide elegant and exquisite furniture ensuring clients to get more than they expected, and to partition themselves from the similarities of the business they are in, a personal approach is embedded as they “strive to give our clients excellent customer service by actively engaging them in the ongoing process of their projects and are encouraged to visit the workshop during the designing phase up to the finished products,” tells Showa.

Social media while some use it as a ‘leisure’ platform, The Pallet and Lifestyle Décor has for the past two years been sourced out and recruited every client either through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram leading to the creation of employment which today sits at a team of three carpenters and two labor workers.

Closing, Showa shares with Weekendlife that her further visions to be Botswana’s leading furniture manufacturing company with a global reach and the best quality yet flexible cost options tailored to the customer’s budgetary needs without compromising and overall design message.



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