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No Hamptons again this year!

Publishing Date : 08 April, 2019


Hamptons Jazz Festival, one of the country’s biggest music festivals will only return next year March in Gaborone, event organiser Debbie Smith has confirmed.

Hamptons suffered a great loss in 2018, when the event was cancelled leaving many seething with anger. Everyone who bought tickets was refunded and everyone else who suffered financial losses was reimbursed. In 2019, the event could not materialize again due to financial issues but the event has been re-scheduled for the following year after organisers received a sponsorship from the United Kingdom.

“We have better news than that. There will be no Hamptons for 2019 as we dust ourselves up.  We have a new sponsor and he wants more things implemented before we do another event,” “We have secured sponsorship in London and we will be moving on to doing two events with the London event coming up in 2021.  The artists we have in BW, if we get on well with them then it means we will have most bands coming to London from South Africa and Botswana,” Smith shared with WeekendLife.

Even so, the sponsor has requested that the organisers of Hamptons Jazz Festival change venues and also eliminate alcohol from the event. “The list is not exhaustive but includes even employing more staff and easier area delegation. This is information to be conveyed to the masses; and the majority agrees before we can do events. We also have to deal with contingency plans for artists and logistics,” she said.

She further explained that the theme which has been well received by the Hamptonettes is SophiaTown as they will be honouring fallen heroes who have graced the stage already. “The SophiaTown artists like Hugh Masekela, Ray Chikapa Phiri and those not still here but were around that era and have been on our podium like Mahotella Queens, letta Mabulu, Caiphus semenya and Vusi Matlasela will be honoured. It will also see us celebrate our own like Banjo Mosele, and Bra John too,” she said.

On the past months, she said they were benchmarking at The Shangri-La theShard in London on what they need to do in regards to Champagne breakfast, as well as afternoon tea, which will bring the experts back home. “We are also introducing Veuve a clip in VIP and the cups. Uniforms and merchandise and everything else is already here awaiting 2020 Botswana event. So behind the scenes we are already on venue and paperwork preparations,” she said.

Even if the event took gap years, the organisers are determined to bring an A-lister show that will mesmerize their fans. Smith also shared her ambition to ensure that Hamptons Jazz Festival remains the best. Hamptons Jazz Festival is a Botswana Brand which aims to attract a mature audience, who enjoy LIVE JAZZ entertainment in a relaxed serene environment. This event now attracts revellers from neighbouring countries giving it a pan African feel.  The followers enjoy themselves under summer whilst their feet are on the green grass, tapping their feet to the LIVE Jazz instruments playing LIVE. 



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