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Shanti Lo resumes career after 9 years

Publishing Date : 08 April, 2019


After nine years of disappearing from the music space, jazz sensation Shanti Lo has brought to the shelves his latest music offer dubbed ‘music’. The phenomenal stage performer will be launching his album on April 18th with the sole purpose of reconnecting with his fans and audience.

Shanti Lo shared with WeekendLife that the new album will offer a new sound telling of his musical and personal journey. “The whole album is a celebration of life. It is a very personal album in the sense that it explores what I have been through and what I have been feeling all the years I have been away,” he said. “So many events and so many things have happened that helped me to get where I am today and some of it not so good.”

The fashion and music icon also shared that he went through a broken relationship hence the album. “I think that was the most significant one that almost shook my world. I have also experienced loss. I was managed by Soares Katumpela. He passed away and rather tragically. It is also important to note that this song was dedicated to him. To celebrate his life,” he said. Shanti Lo attests to the fact that the late jazz icon wanted him to grow into different territories and “never to give up as well as to never be stuck in one place and to allow things to happen,” he said.

The album is made up of songs like ‘Kea ikobola’ which is the first single of the album; and another potential smasher, ‘Never believe’ which he says was taken from a group called Brown Sugar, a popular local group in the 2000s. “I did so because I wanted to sample a local song because I noticed we do not celebrate ourselves; and if we don’t then who will,” he said. During the years he has been away Shanti Lo had to divert his energy to television and community projects.

“I have shot a couple of television programs. I have also landed my services to My Star talent program. I have been the patron of Ambrose Trust which takes care of children with Autism. My job was to lobby for policy making,” he explained. Since then Shanti Lo has been in the studio for 18 months compiling this soothing jazz musical piece. “With this music I wanted to be real and authentic,” he said.

Shanti Lo is a local Afro Jazz artist who made waves with his songs in 2005 with his first album dubbed Shanti Lo. He is also a professional fashion designer who did his studies in Johannesburg. During his time he was known for his mesmerizing performance which has won him many followers.His hit song Ditshwanelo made it as Sound Track on Mma Ramotswe movie. 

The song calls on traditional leaders to unite Batswana, eliminate tribalism and promote recognition of their fundamental human rights. Over the years, Shanti-Lo has worked on different projects with a number of artists across all genres including the late Duncan Senyatso, and Ikajazz pioneer, Ndingo Johwa among others.  Shanti-Lo continues to wow audiences with his poignant voice and provocative moves.



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