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Venson-Moitoi’s P5 million journey

Publishing Date : 08 April, 2019


After failing to convince court to have Kang Congress postponed on the eve of the congress, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi few hours before elections withdrew her candidature, alleging that elections were a scam. In the process leaving the party wondering why it had to spend over P5 million for a processes that was bound to be aborted last minute.

This publication has gathered that the ruling party spent over P5 million since the campaigns and preparations for the Special Congress ensued. “Yes a lot of money was injected to prepare for this election, it is unfortunate that it did not happen. But we are happy that our President now has a full mandate from the party members,” shared a party official who preferred anonymity.

President Masisi was nominated by all 14 BDP regions to become the ruling party leader hence getting a fresh mandate from members. Although Venson-Moitoi’s name was temporarily put up for election despite her announcement to the media that she was withdrawing, Secretary General Mpho Balopi later received a message asking him to pull down Venson-Moitoi’s name.

Venson-Moitoi, who has been on campaign trail since December 2018 told the media yesterday that she was withdrawing her candidacy because participating in the elections would have given credence to the flawed election process conducted by the party. Venson-Moitoi last minute decision left Masisi as the only presidential candidate, a development which is likely to polarise the party further beyond the congress. Masisi was subsequently elected President of the party unopposed.

Few days before the congress, there have been reports of intention to withdraw from the race after most of Venson-Moitoi’s demands were not met. She however opted for the court route which however was not helpful either. Venson-Moitoi did not appeal the verdict though she was not happy with the judgement of the three judges who presided over the matter. “I am not going back to court, I have other important things to do with my life. Why would I appeal, se se sa arabiwang (what was not answered). I went there to get answers I could not,“ Venson-Moitoi told the media.  

“It would be a waste of money. I have already spent much, all the things I have done in Kang, Balopi [Mpho] made me pay twice.” Reports have become rife that the disgruntled BDP members belonging to a faction called New Jerusalem, which supported Venson-Moitoi’s presidency, will form a new political party. At least 12 Member of Parliament are expected to resign from the ruling party, a decision which is mostly likely to collapse Masisi’s government.

“I will not be going back to a new party, I am closing this and moving on with a clear mind. I am impatient old woman, I need answers. God will answer those,” affirmed Venson-Moitoi.  “I have heard of faction Jerusalem I do not know who they are; and I hear they have been supporting me. I appreciate it.” Venson-Moitoi said on Thursday, when court adjourned to allow the two parties to meet and talk with the viewing of meeting each other halfway, she had hoped the matter would be settled out of court.

“Unfortunately that route did not work. I always try to look for a peaceful solution to situations,” she said. Few moments after announcing her withdrawal from the race, Venson-Moitoi was seen in the company of intelligence chief, Brigadier Peter Magosi having a conversation but Venson-Moitioi was cagey on revealing what was discussed between the two.  

Venson-Moitoi at the press briefing confirmed the absence of her chief campaigners, Khama and Member of Parliament for Tati East Samson Guma, who were in Mosu and Johannesburg (South Africa) respectively. There are reports that Guma Moyo may be expelled from the party following his invitation for a disciplinary hearing. Guma who is subject of investigation by security organs flew the country few weeks ago, alleging that his life was in danger. Venson-Moitoi took swipe at the media, accusing it of abusing former president Khama.

Venson-Moitoi in quotes

‘’The Central Committee ke yone e re lotlhanynag. Gompieno party ha e ka thubega tla bo ele Central Committee.’’ “The media has abused the Former President it’s enough. I am going to talk on his behalf today. Stop meddling into issues you do not know about. Masisi o ntlodisitse matlho ka dintwa tsa gagwe le Khama. Ga ke itse gore ba lwela eng. A re o kganelwa go busa, ago tshela soup ko Mankgodi ke go kgoreletsa?’

“I am not mad, it take a whole lot to get me there. I am a full member of the BDP.”



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