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Khoi-San tours Africa

Publishing Date : 19 March, 2019


After dropping a remarkable single early this year dubbed ‘Marabele,’ a local group with a defined tone of their music genre, KHOISAN, will be touring Africa. The group clinched an international deal in South Africa which will assist with processing the tour.

The producer of Khoi-San, Suffocate, from Roc Lefatshe Records shared with WeekendLife that dates are set but they cannot disclose them yet as there might be slight changes going forward. “We are going to start off with Zimbabwe, then Zambia, Namibia and then slowly will take off to Tanzania. We have been trying to sort out our stuff for Kenya,” he said. He further stated that their Public Relations agency in South Africa is fighting tooth and nail to bring everything together.

“We will start off with a Media tour and we will tell Batswana what will happen after that,” he said. The producer who furnished and brought up Motlha of ‘Mmamotse’ fame, shared that, with Khoi-San he wants to do something that has not been done in Botswana. “We are trying our level best to break into international markets. We want Khoi-San to bloom into other countries and other continents. Khoisan also wants to penetrate the international markets and not to be known only in Botswana,” he explained.

Currently setting radio stations ablaze aflame with their single, the group is said to have also scored airplays in South African radio stations and even making appearances on their screens. “Currently KhoiSan is the greatest group in the country, the most talked about and is also growing every day,” he said. Khoisan is also working on their new eight tracked album which was exclusively recorded at Roc Lefatshe Records by Suffocate with producer 27 and F.A.T.

“The album features Bekezela. The group is also planning on releasing a single in few weeks with him. The single is called Habaebone. Bekezela is a multi-award winner in Zimbabwe. We are excited to have worked with him,” he explained. “The Single will be released and it will be released in few weeks. It will also be published all over Africa by the company we have signed in South Africa called Muthaland Entertainment,” he added.

Khoisan is a group that was originally put together by multi-award winner producer, Suffocate, and he got the group signed to award winning record label after becoming the winners of the auditions that the label held in 2018. Their music is a fusion of soul, Borankana, Phathisi, Tsutsube, and other Botswana Traditional Dance patterns, Afro Jazz and Afro pop. The group endeavors to fuse their diverse and beautiful voices to produce what can only be described as a melodic and harmonious yield.

Khoisan consists of five members, Mosimanegape Mosweu, Thabang Rasefako, Olerato Kennetseng, Oratile Kofa and Nita Lempaletse. The five members exude a modern sound with undertones that play to their traditional influences, which can be used to describe their style, as Khoisan comes slightly cheeky and radiates urban confidence.



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