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YAMAs set standards

Publishing Date : 11 February, 2019


The Yarona Music Awards (YAMAs) are well on course positioning themselves as Botswana’s flagship music awards following another great show over the past weekend.

The awards, which attracted multitudes; among them socialites and public figures continue to prove their dedication to pulling a great show that does not only appreciate local artists but also herald commitment to bringing excellence. Decorated by a South African powerhouse, Bonang Matheba otherwise known as Queen-B jelled together perfectly with a local sensation, Loungo ‘King Bee’ Pitse.

 The two stunned the audience with their impeccable and flawless hosting. The crowd was thrilled by Bonang’s locally made shimmering and gold-plated dress with some dashes of white linen. Lounge surely rose to the tone of the event which was themed ‘retro’ by pulling a Scottish wear called a highland dress. Lounge got many talking about his unusual attire. He nailed it perfectly with a clean cut.

The hyped-up event which brought together local celebrities, also made sure they looked the part. YAMA seems to have won many people’s hearts, given the number of people who just turned up in designer wears and ball gowns. Talk about Masi Sithole who also turned up with two designer wear being amongst the most talked about dressed of the night.

A gaze through people such as Sadi Dikgaka who was presenting an award, went all the way out with her designer black dress. Compared to other awards that normally engage poor sound system, YAMAs staging was top notch and the color combination completely blended. The sound system was provided by Braveheart, a local company. Rival awards, Botswana Music Awards (BOMU) have been over the years received negative reviews from various stakeholders mainly because they have been struggling with issues of sound, staging and lighting.

YAMAs have however rose to the occasion and the feedback has been positive so far. The YAMAs are in their fifth year.  The Saturday show was far from being perfect however. Bonang’s dress was apparently stuck in Kenya, but the audience waited eagerly nevertheless. Their continued support for an artist is not only limited to the awards but also, the YAMAs held workshops and equipped artist on how they can grow.

Oskido from South Africa, was engaged to dialog with artists so as to be united and learn together as a team. The South African legendary artist who has raised artists like Black Coffee, Dj Tira and Skizzo had an intimate session with local artist. Among many artists who attended was Vee Mampeezy who also shared his testimony as well as La Timmy, T.H.A.B.O, Dr Vom and K-Boss among others. In Conclusion, YAMAs outdid themselves this year, they invested in local artist, staged an event that recognised local talent with great excellence and a massive turn up.

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